wet ingredients:
5.3 oz butter (1 1/3 stick)
3 T sugar
½ C light corn syrup
2 t shoyu (soy sauce)
¼ C vegetable oil
dry ingredients (for example):
5 oz honeycomb cereal (1/3 box)
4 oz crispix cereal (1/3 box)
5 oz cheerios cereal (1/3 box)
1 oz furikake (½ bottle)
3 oz butter snap pretzels (1/3 bag), add last
12 oz honey roasted peanuts (1 can), add last

Heat wet ingredients to dissolve sugar. Toss with dry ingredients to coat. Bake at 250º for 1 hour, stirring every 15 minutes. Cool. Store in airtight container.

Furikake chex mix, like any chex mix recipe, is pretty much foolproof. The key is to choose dry ingredients which taste good to you. Use Cheerios if you love Cheerios, don't use pretzels if you hate pretzels. That way the worst that can happen is it tastes like it's not mixed uniformly (which can easily happen if it's your first time making it), but it still tastes ok. If it's for a wide audience, go with a "safe" combination of dry ingredients (like the above list), and maybe go a little lighter on the furikake.

The above recipe is the result of many trials tailored to meet several requirements, the primary one being the capacity of my large 17x12x2 rectangular roasting pan(!).

First I found several recipes on the internet at the following sites:,,,, and I eyeballed them, then picked the first one on the list as a starting point.

The next step was to choose the dry ingredients. I wanted to use Bugles, but they're really hard to find in our local supermarkets. In addition to taste, another consideration is volume relative to my aforementioned rectangular pan. It turns out one 14.5oz box of Honeycomb cereal, one 12oz box of Crispix cereal, and one 9oz bag of Synder's butter snaps pretzels will make two panfuls of dry ingredients.

I initially tried a half recipe for the syrup ingredients. It was ok, but was not quite enough for the selected dry ingredients, plus it was too strong on shoyu and too light on butter and sweetness. Also, I thought one whole bottle of furikake was too strong. The honey roasted nuts were a later addition. Still later I tried adding a third box of cereal, to add another taste and to make three panfuls of mix instead of two. I increased the butter from 1.25 to 1.33 sticks, to evenly divide a 4-pack of butter (maybe I've been watching too much Paula Deen!). We thought Cheerios came out better than Rice Chex.

Some final hints:

(*) don't ask me how I know

Updated 4/12/10