Southern California
Kendo Federation


SCKF Shinpan Seminar
Sun 2/25/18, 9am-5pm
El Rancho High School, Pico Rivera

  • application form (xls)
    • deadline is 2/16/18 to Yuge sensei
    • please send a preliminary estimate of bento count by 2/18

  • place: El Rancho High School
    6501 Passons Bl, Pico Rivera CA 90660
    Salcido Auxiliary Gym (at Loch Alene Ave and Homebrook St, see map)

  • sign in closes at 8:45am sharp

  • summary
    • attendees
      • 2dan and above
      • dress in keikogi, hakama, tare
      • bring shinpanki, mejirushi, referee handbook, energetic attitude
      • bring kendo dogu and be prepared to do shiai
      • must attend the full day for credit towards promotion requirements
      • 7dan please attend as instructors (bento will be provided)
      • 1kyu and 1dan may attend as shiai-sha
      • please list all participants on the application form
    • preparation
      • FIK Referee Rules and Regulations Handbook (2006 version)
        mandatory reading
      • AJKF Shinpan Tebiki (Kendo Shiai Shinpan Administration Essentials Guide)
        optional reading
      • be familiar with basic conduct, movement, flag positioning, judgment calls
    • other references


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