Southern California
Kendo Federation


AUSKF Board Meeting and Kodansha Shinsa
Sat-Sun, 4/14-15/18, So Cal

  • AUSKF Board meeting, Sat-Sun 4/14-15
    • location tba

  • AUSKF kodansha shinsa, Sun 4/15
    • see AUSKF information, including shinsa forms
      • the location is Marina High School, Huntington Beach
      • note: shinsa and menjo fees increased starting Apr'17
    • for SCKF applicants
      • an SCKF external shinsa application form will also need to be filled out
      • the deadline for SCKF signature is Wed 3/14/18
        • hand in the application package (AUSKF application form, SCKF form, copy of menjo, written test, and checks payable to All United States Kendo Federation) to Jean Kodama by the deadline
        • alternatively, mail the application package to
          Jean Kodama, 12909 Glenda St, Cerritos CA 90703
          early enough to ensure it arrives by the deadline, and also send email notification that the package is on the way
      • SCKF will then handle:
        • approval by Shinsa Advisory Board (do NOT contact them yourself)
        • signature by SCKF president
        • express mail to AUSKF

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