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Note: the addresses listed in each dojo entry below indicate the location of the dojo, NOT the mailing address. Please speak to the indicated contact person for the dojo to obtain the mailing address.

"url" under the "Web" column indicates the dojo has a website. Clicking on "url" opens the website in a new browser window.

Kendo Mo Tu We Th Fr SS Web
All Nations Church o     o      
Chuo o     o     url
Costa Mesa o   o        
Covina   o   o     url
Gardena J.C.I.         o   url
Gedatsu USA   o   o o   url
Industry Sheriff's     o   o su url
Irvine o     o      
La Habra   o   o      
Norwalk o       o   url
Orange Co Buddhist Church   o   o     url
Pasadena Cultural Institute   o     o   url
San Diego   o   o   o url
San Fernando Valley o   o       url
Santa Barbara       o     url
Seishin       o     url
Sho-Tokyo     o   o    
Torrance   o     o    
Venice     o        
Westside     o       url
Yun Kum Jae o o o o o   url
Iaido (SCIA) Mo Tu We Th Fr SS  
Chuo (two Sat per month)           sa  
Norwalk o           url
Pasadena Cultural Institute   o          

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