Charger Paddles, Gen 2+

Photos by Tom Dowling

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As part of a phased conversion to a compact inductive charger paddle, some charging sites in California are starting to be converted to the new standard. The smaller paddle is a compromise standard agreed to by GM and Toyota a couple of years ago (see "Charger Standards Converge"). In order to allow owners of large paddle vehicles (older Toyota RAV4's as well as all EV1's, Chevrolet S-10 trucks, and Nissan Altra's) to continue to use these sites, a paddle adapter is being distributed by SMUD to drivers in these areas. By the end of 2001, all public chargers should be converted to the "Gen 2+" paddle standard. Further information can be found on the GMATV Magnecharge web site (click on the "Gen 2+" icon).

Below is the instruction sheet provided with the charger paddle adapter (document scan provided by Tom Dowling). As sites are converted over, we will try to note these on the charger lists. Please email us if you encounter any converted chargers which have not been noted on the charger list.