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Books (recommended by Club memebers!)

The Car That Could; the Inside Story of General Motors' Revolutionary Electric Vehicle
Michael Shnayerson / Hardcover / August 1996

A must-have book for anyone associated with the EV1. Unfortunately the title is out of print, but has an search service that may be able to obtain the book for you.

All Corvettes are Red; Inside the Rebirth of an American Legend
James Schefter / Hardcover / January 1997
paperback version, January 1988

Another fly-on-the-wall peek at General Motors, this one about the design and launch of the 1997 Corvette.

My Years with General Motors
Alfred P. Sloan / Paperback / February 1996 (reissue edition)

The memoirs of the man who built GM, originally published in 1964 and since repeatedly issued in many languages. This book has supposedly been identified by Bill Gates as "probably the best book to read if you want to read only one book about business."

Crossing the Chasm; Marketing and Selling High Tech Products to Mainstream Customers
Geoffrey Moore / Paperback / October 1995

Describes how high tech products can fail to "cross the chasm" between initial success with early adopters to the mainstream market.

Build Your Own Electric Vehicle
Bob Brant / Paperback / Novermber 1995

A step-by-step illustrated guide to building an EV from scratch or kit.

Convert It!
Michael Brown / Paperback / November 1993

Another good guide for the do-it-yourselfer.

1992 Electric Vehicle Directory
Phillip Terpstra / Paperback / December 1991

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