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NOTE: As of June 2002, the EV1 Club Inductive Charger Pages are being generated from data provided and maintained by Tom Dowling and Gil Dawson (a million thanks for their big effort!) in the interest of providing a uniformly high data quality from a central database. The main database is a superset of the inductive charger lists (includes all types of EV chargers) and may be seen at the EV Charger News home page. During this transition period, we apologize for any broken links or inconsistent data.

The mapping system is aslo currently being fixed, having been affected by changes made by the MapBlast service. In the mean time, previously embedded map images will have the message "Error: Improper Setting". Clicking on the box containing the message will still link you to the proper map on the MapBlast site. Please excuse the mess.


The following is our list of inductive chargers based on other publicly published lists, but supplemented with information from other sources and EV1 Club drivers. This list was created to supplement the lists maintained by the official organizations with detailed information about the chargers (where on the premises, current status, number of parking slots, etc.).

Over time our intention is to add supplemental information provided by drivers and/or maps using Vicinity Corporation's MapBlast! free service. If the information is available, you will find it by clicking on the site name. If the map is available, you can click on the map itself to zoom in or out if you need more reference points. If the map seems to be unavailable, please be patient. We have seen Vicinity's map server go down at times.


Click on the image to read about the charger use protocols.

In case you were wondering about the order of the listings, they are alphabetically arranged by city within each region if you are looking at the regional listing page (click on the name of the region). If you are looking at the corresponding map (click on [Map] next to the region name), then the listing under the map is in numerical order of the map reference number.

Please note that while we try to take reasonable care that the information here is accurate, it is not possible for us to go to every site and verify the submitted information.

Submitting Information - Your Help is Needed!

To build this list into something useful and then maintain it will take a lot of work! We'll do the actual typing, but YOU, the drivers must do the legwork and provide the information, so please email info about the chargers you visit to us at:

and, if you are subscribed to the EV1 mailing list, you can email it to the list so everyone will see it immediately:
We greatly prefer that you send email since we can cut and paste your information electronically (a text form is available for your convenience). At a minimum, you might want to include the following info:
  • A description of exactly where on the premises the chargers are located (only if it's not obvious).
  • Any charger restrictions (e.g. inside locked gate at night).
  • Number of chargers and number of parking slots which can use the chargers.
  • Your full name. Sometimes this is not obvious from your email, and we'd like to credit you (or blame you if the info is wrong!).
In addition, if you can provide information on restaurants and entertainment in the vicinity of the charger, this would be greatly appreciated.

If you have a sketch of where chargers are located, scan it and attach it to your email in TIFF, GIF, or JPG format. If you don't have a scanner, fax it to us at 562-926-4718, or send it by U.S. mail to Dave Kodama, P.O. Box 715, Artesia, CA 90702.

Reporting Problems

We also need help in getting charger problems addressed quickly. If you encounter a charger failure, poorly marked chargers, or any other type of problem, please call:
A cell phone call to this number while at the problem charger is preferred so that any additional information required can be requested at that time. This process saves time and money, allowing for better maintenance of our charger network.

Please also alert other EV1 owners to the problem by email to and CC'ing to the EV1 club's email list: Note that you must be subscribed to the list to post information to the latter address, but not to the first address.

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