Email List Server

The club email list server allows you to contact and participate in discussions with everyone who has subscribed to the list (virtually all of the club members who have email access) using one email address. The best way to find out how it works is to actually subscribe and "listen;" if you don't like it you can always unsubscribe.

General Instructions

Here are the instructions for subscribing, sending messages, and unsubscribing:

  • To subscribe to the list, send email to with a blank subject line and a message consisting of:

    subscribe ev1-club

    As soon as you get a verification message back from you will be subscribed to the list. You will receive a subscription verification message fairly quickly (in minutes if there are no network or system outages.) You should begin receiving messages within the day.

  • To send email to the list, send it to Note that when replying to a message from the email list, you must send explicitly to this address or use the "reply-all" feature of your email tool. If you simply hit your "reply" button, you will only reply to the author of the message.

  • To leave the list, send email to with a blank subject line and a message consisting of:

    unsubscribe ev1-club

Having Trouble?

If you've attempted to subscribe but you don't seem to be receiving anything from the email list, you might want to check the return address field of your mailer or web browser. If that is not correct, the email server (and anyone else you email) will not have your correct address. Be sure this is correct before sending the subscription request to the server.

If you are still having problems subscribing or unsubscribing from the list, please send email directly to to request assistance. Since your return address in your mailer might be incorrect, please also type your email address into the body of the message you send to Chris.


  1. For those who aren't familiar with email lists, all you need to participate is your normal email program. You simply send a message to the automated email repeater (sometimes called a reflector), and it sends your message to everyone who has "subscribed." Please note that there is no extra cost to you to subscribe to this email list.

  2. Note that this email list is not edited for content except that the list maintainer always has the option to remove people from the list if somone is abusing it (e.g. violates Caltech's guidelines for abusive language or gross commercialization).

This email list was started 8/97 by EV1 owner Chris Yoder, and is hosted on a server at Caltech. THANK YOU!

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