21c Test Pilot

Produced by
Communications Chairperson
Marvin V. Rush

Selected articles from the 21c Test Pilot, newsletter of the EV1 Club.

Issue Lead stories
Vol 1 Issue 1
April 1997
Vision Statement
Historic Meeting
Vol 1 Issue 2
May 1997
1st Meeting
Bob Purcell, Mr. EV1
Vol 1 Issue 3
June 1997
2nd Meeting: Bob Purcell, "Mr. EV1"
Next Up: Joe Kennedy, EV1 VP Sales & Marketing
Vol 1 Issue 5
August 1997
Elections this month
July meeting: EV1 Club at GMATV Torrance
Vol 1 Issue 6
September 1997
EV1 Drivetrain Costs Equal with Gasoline by 2001
August meeting: John Cox Elected Inaugural Chairman of EV1 Club
Vol 1 Issue 8
November 1997
Round 3 to EV1 Club
Hooray for Sacramento
Vol 2 Issue 1
Feb/Mar 1998
New Advertising for EV1
GM Unveils 5 EV1 Prototypes

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