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Venus Transit - 8 June 2004

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  Transit Animation

            Transit Egress Sequence
(Black Drop Effect)

    Twilight Tours Group
at Fringilla Farm, Zambia

We observed the transit of Venus from Fringilla Farm in Zambia with a tour organized by Joel Harris (Twilight Tours). This site was previously used by Twilight Tours to view the 2001 total solar eclipse. From this site, the entire transit was visible starting in the early morning, with the sun about 10 degrees above the horizon. Except for a few minutes at mid-transit and at 4th contact, we had a clear view of the event.

I photographed the transit on 35mm Tech Pan film (unhypered) using a Borg 100ED scope, 2x teleconverter, Thousand Oaks photographic filter + Kenko R64 red filter. All photos were 1/500 sec. and developed in HC-110 dilution B.

In addition, we videotaped the transit, but I have not yet processed that for web display. All images currently displayed are derived from film shots.