Scope Diagram Astrocamera.Net - Astrophotography by Dave Kodama

Total Solar Eclipse (3/29/2006)

To start the video, click on the arrow button in the window at left. The streaming video (which requires a broadband internet link) will begin running after a short pause to preload some of the video.

If the video fails to play, use this link to go directly to Google Video: Solar Eclipse on Youtube

Be sure to have your system sound turned on when viewing the video!


  • The "ground" video was left on a fixed exposure setting for the duration of the entire video sequence to show how dark it becomes at totality.
  • The sun is not visible in the "ground" video field of view.  It was very high in the sky (about 70° up).
  • The filter on the "solar" video camera is removed 2 minutes into the video.
  • The "solar" video is set for autoexposure until just after totality (~3:10 into the video) when it is set to a fixed exposure that shows the prominences and innermost part of the corona until after third contact. 
  • The bright object at the right edge of the screen in the "ground" video is the monitor screen of the "solar" video camera.