Orion Nebula Region

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The Orion Nebula is often photographed because it is one of the brightest deep sky objects in the sky. But its extreme brightness also makes it a challenge to photograph because it is also surrounded by very dim clouds of gas. This shot was created as an experiment with Photoshop CS2's high dynamic range (HDR) image combining capability. The test was only a partial success because directly combining the 3 images produced a very red result. This version was created by first splitting each exposure into separate color components, using the HDR combine on each component, and then recombining the HDR components into a color image.
Date/Time:    15 September 2007
Location: Vanishing Point Observatory (OCA Anza Site)
Scope/Lens: AP155EDF / 4" flattener (f/7)
Camera: Pentax/Hutech 67 Vacuum Astrocamera
Mount: Losmandy Titan
Guider: Borg 45ED / SBIG STV
Media: Medium format Kodak E200, +3 push
Exposure: Composite of 20, 10, and 5 min. exposures