Comet Holmes and the California Nebula (NGC1499)

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Comet Holmes is becoming difficult to locate in binoculars as it approaches its close pass by the California Nebula. To make things more difficult, as the sunset grows later, the comet is headed west, so the window available for photography and viewing is growing narrower. In another month, the tenous shell of gas visible in this photo will probably be gone from our sights.
Date/Time:    26 Feb. 2008
Location: Vanishing Point Observatory (OCA Anza Site)
Scope/Lens: Borg 125EDF2.8 @ f/3.3
Camera: Mitsuboshi 6x9 Vacuum Astrocamera
Mount: Losmandy Titan
Guider: Borg 45ED / SBIG STV
Media: Medium format Kodak E200, +2 push, cropped
Exposure: 4x20 min.