Comet Holmes and the California Nebula (NGC1499)

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This sequence shows Comet Holmes from February to early March as it approaches a close encounter with the California Nebula. Notice how wispy the outer envelope of the comet looks now. At this rate of fading the outer envelope may be invisible to the camera in a month or two, but the two objects make a nice pair for the moment.
Date/Time:    9 Feb. / 26 Feb. / 2 Mar. 2008
Location: Vanishing Point Observatory (OCA Anza Site)
Scope/Lens: Borg 125EDF2.8 @ f/3.3
Camera: Mitsuboshi 6x9 Vacuum Astrocamera
Mount: Losmandy Titan 50
Guider: Borg 45ED / SBIG STV
Media: Medium format Kodak E200, +2 push
Exposure: 3x20 / 4x20 / 3x20 min.