5/16/2010 - Iridium Flares

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Date/Time:    16 May 2010 - ~03:15 PDT
Location: Vanishing Point Observatory (OCA Anza Site)
Scope/lens: Sigma 15mm lens @ f/2.8 (cropped image)
Mount: Photo tripod
Guider: none
Camera: Nikon D700
Media/Film: ISO 1600 / Nikon Raw Format
Exposure: 25 sec. (30 sec. intervals)

The early morning hours brought a large number of satellites. Four Iridium flares (sunlight glinting off the satellite solar panels) were predicted, but many more other satellites were captured in this time lapse video. The bright object rising at the end of the video clip is Jupiter.

This video clip was cropped and shortened from a larger full-frame all-night movie of the Milky Way rising