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Astronomy Equipment Documentation & Supplemental Information


The following are links to manufacturer documentation and supplemental documents written by users. These may be useful to anyone purchasing used equipment or who have purchase equipment with inadequate documentation. These links are weighted towards equipment I own myself, but if you have information worth listing, please let me know about it.


If you have corrections or additional information such as applicability to specific versions of firmware, please drop me a note at: Thank you to all who have contributed this information.



Supplemental Lists for the Herald-Bobroff Astroatlas

compiled by Jeff Lipsman
Constellation Cross-reference -- Listing of C-series charts covering each constellation (alphabetically ordered).
Finest Deep Sky Objects -- Listing of the finest deep sky objects (Messier, Caldwell, Herschel 400+) by constellation and C-series chart reference.
Messier Objects -- Listing of Messier objects with C-series chart reference.
NGC Objects -- Listing of IC and NGC objects with C-series chart reference.


Borg Telescopes, Kenko Mounts, and Mitsuboshi Astro Cameras

at the Hutech site (
Hutech Technical Library Numerous documents covering Borg telescopes and accessories, Kenko mounts, Mitsuboshi astro cameras, and other astronomy accessories.


Losmandy GM8 and G-11 Mount Documentation

Losmandy site:
Installing the
Polar Finder

Instructions for installing the Losmandy GM-8 and G11 polar alignment scope.
Using the
Polar Finder

Instructions for using the Losmandy GM-8 and G11 polar alignment scope. This applies also to the Kenko Sky Memo tracker.
GM8 Mount manual on the Losmandy site.
G-11 Mount manual on the Losmandy site.
Digital Setting Circles manual on the Losmandy site.
Gemini Go-To system manual on the Losmandy site.


Celestron Advanced Astromaster Digital Setting Circles

This zip file contains two Excel 97 spreadsheets which are the lists of stars and non-stellar objects in the ROM of the Celestron Advanced Astromaster and apparently the Sky Wizard variation sold by other manufacturers (all designed by Tangent). The files included here were modified by me as the fonts in the non-stellar list were messed up as was the print formatting (perhaps this was due to incompatibilities between my version of Excel and another version).
[122K, 19 pages]

[84K, 13 pages]

Adobe Acrobat versions of the above files. SKYWIZ1.PDF is the star list, and SKYWIZ2.PDF is the non-stellar list.

I believe that these lists were originally generated by Roger Steer (Thank you!) in the UK. His downloadable version (Excel 3.0) is at, but the files differ slightly, and the Greek letters in his version of the spreadsheet did not come across properly for me. His files also include an ASCII text version.


Celestron Ultima 2000 Digital Setting Circles

I don't own this scope, but there have been inquiries about whether or not the Astromaster database (above) is the same as the Ultima's database. The answer is that it is not. However, it is available on request from Celestron or from Tom Stamm's web page:


Celestron Telescopes

Celestron web site:
Celestron Catalog & Manuals FTP library of numerous Celestron product manuals.


Meade Telescopes

Meade site:
Meade Manuals Library of numerous Meade product manuals.