Byers Cam Trak
(Unofficial) Manual

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Tracker Setup

If the tripod is not being used, rough-align the tracker mount by first setting the latitude scale (west side of tracker) to match your location. Loosen the screw on the opposide side of the tracker if this must be adjusted. Then set the the tracker on a stable, level surface (use the built-in bubble level).

Set up the rest of the tracker by sliding the camera/counterweight bar through the hole at the high end of the Cam Trak RA axis and tighten the knob at the end to hold the bar in place. Then attach the counterweights and camera to the bar.

To point the camera in the desired direction, loosen the two clutch knobs (see photo above) to rotate in the RA direction or loosen the counterweight bar clamp to rotate in the Dec axis. If more flexibility in framing the shot is necessary, add a ball head adapter under the camera.

Finally, connect the power cord to the mount at the mini-audio plug connector. And as a last step, plug the 12V car accessory power connector into a 12V battery or DC12V power supply. The tracker should be tracking at this point, and the polar finder reticle should be illuminated.

   Official Cam Trak Diagrams (courtesy of Jim Fakatselis):


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