Byers Cam Trak
(Unofficial) Manual

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Tripod Assembly

If the tripod will be used, set it up by first loosening each of the leg sliders. The sliders have a wingnut on one side and a knob on the other. Spread the legs out, set the tripod on a firm surface, taking care to make sure the top of the tripod is approximately level, and tighten the tripod leg sliders enough to prevent it from collapsing, but this need not be completely tightened yet. The top of the tripod is shaped to accomodate the 3 outrigger legs of the tracker so the longest of the 3 sections of the top should be oriented towards the north.

Next place the tracker assembly on top of the tripod. Secure the tracker on the tripod by placing the spring-loaded screw in the hole at the center of the tracker base and thread it into the matching hole in the top of the tripod. The tracker should now be firmly attached to top of the tripod.

Adjust the latitude (altitude) adjustment to match your location using the scale on the west side of the tracker mount.. If it needs to be adjusted, loosen the screw on the opposite side.

Now refine the leveling of the tripod (adjust the leg sliders) using the bubble level in the base of the tracker. Use the screw on the north outrigger of the tracker to do a final fine adjustment of the leveling. Tighten or loosen the screw securing the tracker to the tripod if necessary as the fine adjustment is made. Exact leveling is not necessary, but if the latitude scale is to be useful, this should be as close as possible so that locating Polaris in the polar finder will be easier later.

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