Date: Tue,  3 Dec 96 21:09:59 PST
Subject: EV-1 - more developments & thoughts
To: "Siebert, Bob" 


Latest updates:

    - The electrical subcontractor came by.  I found out that we have 125A
      service.  Assuming that we have enough margin to begin with, the charger
      will probably max us out, so I've requested an estimate also for
      upgrading the whole box ($$).  I expect the estimate to be faxed to
      me tomorrow.  If we go for it, it will take a couple of days before
      it gets done.  The EV-1 specialist said they don't want the
      customer to go more than 3 days without the 220V charger.  Hmmm...

    - Another complaint- The charger cord is only 6 ft long and the
      unit weighs 150 lbs, requiring mounting on a wall stud.  Naturally
      this limits where it can possibly go (and where you can park).
      They definitely need to think about a longer cord so you can
      choose the mounting place better to allow for parking on either
      side of a 2-car garage.  We will have to substantially rearrange
      our garage junk as the station wagon can only park in the side which
      will have to receive the charger.

      Also thinking ahead optimistically, I think the charger should have
      two cables for the two-car family.  Even if only one can charge at a
      time, automatic switching to the other car would be desirable.  Ideally,
      simply parking the car should couple it to the charger automatically
      sort of like the mid-air refueling probe on military aircraft, perhaps.

    - I received by FEDEX a copy of the lease form as we requested from
      the EV-1 guy.  He said it is STILL a draft, and is subject to change!
      I'll bring it in tomorrow for you to see.

    - The EV-1 specialist now informs us that getting silver will be a
      problem till next week.  On Saturday, I specifically asked if getting
      this color immediately would be a problem, and he said it wouldn't.
      I guess you still can't believe sales people, even from Saturn!

      [On 1/14/97 our Saturn EV-1 specialist took a look at
      this page and gave me a bit more information as to what
      happened regarding the delay in delivering our car.  He
      said that they underestimated the popularity of the
      Silver-blue color.  Originally it was projected to be the
      least popular color, but it turned out to the MOST popular
      color.  In fact, we received a car which was meant to be
      delivered to a dealer.  If he had not been able to pull
      this off, we would have had to wait for the delivery of the
      January production!]