Date: Thu,  5 Dec 96 22:37:40 PST
Subject: EV1 continuing adventures...
To: "Siebert, Bob" 


For your EV-1 chronicles...

     - I looked again and found that the trunk of the EV-1 is opened
       by a real key, unlike the doors and ignition which work with
       an electronic combination (sequence of 5 keypresses with 5

       I later found that I hadn't noticed that there is a keyhole
       on the door.  The only part which doesn't take a key is the

     - Saturn/GM refuse to deliver a car unless the 220V charger is
       installed at your home.  They explained that the car should
       not be charged 3 times in a row with only the 110V charger
       or the batteries will suffer some sort of degradation due to
       not being charged evenly.  I didn't press for further
       explanation as I don't think I would get a clear one, and
       anyway I probably can't assess it for validity anyway.

     - The service interval will be 5000 miles, mainly for tire
       rotation.  The tires are apparently very touchy and will last
       only 20,000 miles.  They are made by Michelin, but are only
       available through Saturn dealers.  They will be replaced at
       20,000 miles according to the lease agreement.  The only other
       item requiring maintenance is a battery cooling fan filter
       which will be replaced at 30,000 miles.

     - The process of getting the charger installed is probably
       relatively streamlined, but still is cumbersome.  Here's the
       general flow:

           1.  We commit to getting an EV-1.
           2.  EV-1 rep calls Edison electrical contractor.
           3.  Contractor calls me to set up inspection.
           4.  We meet for inspection (contractor takes photos)
           5.  Contractor faxes EV-1 rep with estimate.
           6.  EV-1 rep faxes me with estimate.
           7.  I sign estimate and fax back to EV-1 rep after talking
               to the him.
           8.  Edison rep calls me (leaves voice mail) to insure
               access to meter.
           9.  I call Edison rep to leave him voice mail assuring access.
           10. Contractor calls me to tell me I must now call Edison's
               800 number to request dual meter service.
           11. I call Edison 800 number, negotiate voice mail maze, listen
               to lots of music, talk to 3 people, and accomplish getting
               the request in.
           12. I find Edison installer has installed the skeleton of the
               meter and has left me a note saying now it has to be
               wired in by the contractor and when that is done, it
               has to be inspected by the city...

               ... and that's where we stand (waiting for the contractor
               to do his thing...

One question I'm wondering about is whether or not Michael Eisner and
Ed Begley, Jr. really went through all of this.

[On 1/14/97 our Saturn EV-1 specialist wrote me and assured
us that Saturn takes care to treat all of their customers
equally.  An example of this was the case of Jay Leno who wanted
to purchase a car instead of leasing it. Saturn could not make an
exception for him, so he decided not to get an EV-1]