This is an update (as of 12/9/96) to the charger installation chapter of the EV-1 story. For reference, the steps to get up to 12/5 are included (italicized):
  1. We commit to getting an EV-1.
  2. EV-1 rep calls Edison electrical contractor.
  3. Contractor calls me to set up inspection.
  4. We meet for inspection (contractor takes photos).
  5. Contractor faxes EV-1 rep with estimate.
  6. EV-1 rep faxes me with estimate.
  7. I sign estimate and fax back to EV-1 rep after talking to the him.
  8. Edison rep calls me (leaves voice mail) to insure access to meter.
  9. I call Edison rep to leave him voice mail assuring access.
  10. Contractor calls me to tell me I must now call Edison's 800 number to request dual meter service.
  11. I call Edison 800 number, negotiate voice mail maze, listen to lots of music, talk to 3 people, and accomplish getting the request in.
  12. I find the Edison installer has installed the skeleton of the meter and has left me a note saying now it has to be wired in by the contractor and when that is done, it has to be inspected by the city...

  13. I call the GM EV-1 specialist to push for an charger installation appointment (I'm starting to get impatient with the whole process, upon which the delivery of the car depends).
  14. The contractor calls to say they will try for Friday (12/6) afternoon, but may not make it if their morning installation runs into problems.
  15. Early Friday afternoon, the contractor calls to say they won't make it as they are running longer than expected. We reschedule for Monday morning.
  16. Monday morning (12/9), right on time, the contractor's crew shows up and installs the charger, finishing just in time to beat a big rain storm. The charger is now operational!
... but wait! The new meter is not installed or operating yet. That's still to come...

12/9/96 -

Finally, the charger is installed and operational, but still no car!