Dec. 12 - The EV-1 Arrives!

12/11/96 -

The big day finally arrives... and it looks like we'll be testing the EV-1 design as soon as we get out the door (in the rain).

Apparently, we were the second customer to take delivery of an EV-1 in Cerritos, but the first "real" (non-corporate) customer. Perhaps we will also be the first "average" citizens who will actually commute to a job, too. Everyone else seems to be a celebrity of some sort.

Here are a few more questions we had answered in the showroom:

Apparently you can't escape out the door quietly at Saturn. Here's the whole crew in their send off cheer (or was it just a celebration of the fact that we were able to make it through signing 4 forms in five places each...).

The final EV-1 qualification test is to get the car out the showroom doors without peeling the side mirrors off.

Final preflight instructions to the pilot...

... and off she goes!

The first evening of testing (after topping off the charge) included a visit to Bob Siebert of Energy Efficiency in Orange for his blessing. Then on to the South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa to do more Christmas shopping.

Results and observations: