EV1 Club

On Saturday, April 12th, the EV1 Club met for the first public meeting at the Diamond Bar facility of the SCAQMD*. The event was much larger and more organized than I had expected! Refreshments were catered, camera crews were present, and Saturn had an army of representatives rotating cars through the SCAQMD's chargers and generally directing auto and foot traffic. Next time, I'll have to memorize my license plate, though. Finding my car after the Saturn crew had moved it for charging was a real problem! There were more EV1's parked than I had time to count.

* SCAQMD - South Coast Air Quality Management District

Supported extensively by Saturn and the SCAQMD, EV1 owners met at the first time at the "grand opening" of the EV1 club on April 12.

Some tidbits from a Saturn representative...

From the EV1 Club Newsletter "21c Test Pilot", upcoming events:

More info will be posted here as I find the time...