EV1 Club Meeting #3 (6/21/97)

The opinions stated here are not the official position of the EV1 club.

The third meeting of the EV1 club was again hosted in Diamond Bar where Saturn, the AQMD and the California sun (solar panels are also providing shade in the photo at left) worked together to provide recharges to all electric vehicles in attendance, including a few non-EV1's.

The featured speaker was Joe Kennedy (V.P. from Saturn) who filled the club members in on Saturn's marketing effort. Reps from Edison EV also updated everyone on the status of the charger installation efforts and a representative from Ralph's supermarket was present to invite EV1 members to the inauguration of the first charger to be installed at their market (in Santa Monica).

Friends & guests (see Janet, Dusty, and Douglas at right) were invited to see what all the EV1 commotion was about. Saturn brought along the EV1 road show, hosted a barbecue, and invited everyone (including kids!) to take a ride in an EV1.

The EV1 road show includes the record-breaking Impact prototype (left). It looked considerably less plush than the EV1 on the inside, but I still would have taken a test ride in it, had someone offered!

Some new facts & figures: