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Over the years since these web pages went up (in early 1997), we've gotten many nice letters from readers. Here's a recent one:

Date sent:        Mon, 10 Jan 2000 20:25:22 -0500
From:             Perry Kravec
Subject:          My ride in the EV1 dec99

Thank you for the EV1 Chronicles ...
My name is Perry Kravec ... I live in Bethel Park, Pa.
I read as much as I can about the EV1 ... and actually rented one
Dec27,28 ..on vacation in CA.

It is a great car!
I can't believe it isn't more popular in CA.? I know it would do great
in Bethel Park, Pa.
It is a different ride than any other car on the road ... it is a lot
smoother than I expected ...
The no shifting is great .... the sounds are soothing ..
I really like the little button on the side of the shifter that turns
the motor into a generator ... it was great to see the range go from 62
to 64 ... while I driving down the road!

After 30 years of buying cars foreign and domestic... I definitely think
GM deserves more credit for this car ... it is the best ride I've ever
experienced... and I do not like small cars ... the simplicity of the
drivetrain is great ... I would guess it would last longer than a engine
and transmission.

I predict we will see more of this car as people find out about it.


Perry even sent me a photo of himself and his wife's cousin with the EV1 he rented from EV Rentals. It looks like he has that familiar "EV1 smile!"

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