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One-Handed Charger Paddle Insertion - A useful skill to develop when trying to plug your car in while carrying groceries in one arm (technique and arm provided by Marvin Rush).

1. While grasping the charger paddle at the bottom, use your little finger to lift the charge port cover.

2. Start the paddle down the slot.

3. Finish by switching to the top of the paddle and pushing it in the rest of the way.

EV1 owner Margaret Cheng added that when delivered, her EV1 was missing a spring in the charger port cover. This allows it to stay open without having to hold it open (not that we're suggesting you take out the spring...).

Keeping EV1 Windows Clean - One of the common problems many EV1 owners have found is the "new car" window fogging which occurs especially in hot weather. This appears to be the boiling off of volatiles in the plastic parts such as the dashboard which happens in all of the new cars we've owned. But the problem of cleaning the EV1 windows is exacerbated by the strongly sloped aerodynamic shape of the front and rear windows, so we put out a request to EV1 owners for their suggestions on (1) tips to prevent fogging, and (2) tips to clean the windows when they do get filmed over. Here are some suggestions and comments which came in the large volume of enthusiastic replies we received:

  • Park in the shade to keep the interior temperature down. Perhaps a car cover might help if no shade can be found.

  • Use windshield shades. We use an oversize one which actually consists of two separate shades (the collapsible fabric on wire frame type) which are sold for vans and other vehicles with large windshields.

    An owner also suggested that custom shaped reflectors might be most effective. I think that is true but it might be tough to make them stow away compactly.

  • Also suggested was to cook the car on a few hot days with the windows down so as to get rid of the outgassing stuff all at once.

  • The most promising suggestion for prevention came from several owners who suggested a dashboard "carpet". Cecil McLester reported that a Scottsville, AZ dealer had custom ones made and tested it in EV1's there with good results. I am wondering what was done about the fact that it would have to go over the passenger's airbag, though.

Cleaning Windows
  • William Jones reported that of the three cleaners he's tried (soapy water, "simple green", and windex), windex was slightly better. At the May meeting EV1 Specialist Steve Fort suggested just using a soft cloth. In either case, one should be careful not to damage the defogger elements in the windows. The wire connection to the rear defoggers is especially vulnerable to being damaged. We have already had one come off, though I'm not exactly sure how it occurred.

  • Margaret Cheng was looking for someone to suggest a tool to use to reach all the way to the back of the windows. Since no one suggested one, here's my technique for reaching back there if you have short arms (NBA players can ignore this):

    • On the driver's side, release the seat and slide it forward as far as possible.
    • Tilt the seat backrest forward as far as possible.
    • Place your left knee on the floor behind the seat.
    • Place your left elbow on the ledge behind the seat (where the batteries are located).
    • Use your right hand to clean the window behind the driver's seat.
    • Apply the mirror image of the above to clean the window behind the passenger.

    This procedure should be no problem if you can play "Twister" or you are a former rock climber. However if you have a knee or back problem, you probably shouldn't try this!

    For the front, I don't have any special procedure than to just s-t-r-e-t-c-h.

Thanks to everyone who responded!

Copyright 1997-1999 by Dave & Jean Kodama Email: kodama@alumni.caltech.edu