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I decided to create this web page to document our questions, impressions, and frustrations as we went through the process of trying out GM's new electric vehicle to keep our friends and relatives updated on the adventure.

This should also be useful to anyone else contemplating getting an electric vehicle. One thing we were very frustrated about was the lack of real information. GM/Saturn, like most consumer-oriented companies (or at least their ad agency), thinks that we are all dummies and will buy something on the basis of pretty pictures and snazzy graphics, so that's what they put in their brochures and web page. As a result, they end up leaving out the real information. I hope that this web page can fill in some gaps.

6/98 Update - Since the above was written, GM and Saturn seem to have been listening. Their direct mail brochure and web page have much more real information, electrical utilities have been making a real effort to maintain lists of a growing number of public charging sites, and of course,the EV1 club web page is another good source of EV1 information.
By the way, we aren't paid by anyone to promote anything. These are our real experiences, good and bad. Our overall experiences thus far with everyone involved has been positive, but there have been frustrations caused largely (I think) by large-company-bureaucracy and government bureaucracy syndrome.

If you haven't seen the snazzy graphics yet, you can visit the official GM EV1 web site. If you want to read the comments of other owners, we're encouraging them to send in their comments too.

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