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6/3/97... Recently some visitors to this web page pointed out that we never say on the EV1 web page just who the non-celebrity EV1 owners are. Sorry about that...

We (Dave and Jean) fit the GM EV owner profile pretty closely, I guess.

  • We are both engineers. Jean specializes in the design of application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs) for computer system components (disk drives, CD-ROM drives, networks, etc.). Dave specializes in system design and software for embedded computers in scientific instrumentation (e.g. seismic equipment) and consumer equipment (e.g. fax machines). We also do some web page work in our "spare" time, as you can see here.

  • Being DINKs (dual-income, no kids) professional career types, we can afford the EV1, though we had never previously purchased any car valued over $17,000 (taxes included!). Note: The EV1 is valued at ~$34,000 and lease cost, including charger, is ~$399/mo in California.

  • We admit we're over 40 (but just barely).

  • We commute about 55 miles a day. Most of this is carpooling in the EV1 down to Orange County where we do most of our work. Usually we pickup up another car down there (a traditional gasoline car), then go our separate ways to wherever we need to be that day (generally Irvine, Newport Beach, or Costa Mesa). Usually Jean takes the EV1 to her office (she's the primary driver), but if an errand needs to be run, the one NOT planning to run any errands takes the EV1, since even a short errand will bring us perilously close to the point where we might not make it back home! So we would REALLY appreciate it if GM came out with some improved batteries!

Perhaps another point of interest to you might be that up until the EV1, we have never owned an American car. We each owned a Toyota in college, but since then we've had Honda's exclusively (we like the way they are built). Also, except for Jean's first car, all of the cars have been manual transmission cars.

If you want to contact us or see what other (strange) things we might be interested in, email or drop in to our web sites:

Copyright 1999 by Dave & Jean Kodama Email: kodama@alumni.caltech.edu