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Many of our friends have assumed that we decided to go for an EV1 out of concern for the environment. Well, sorry to be so politically incorrect, but although it's nice if it is environmentally friendly, that's not the main reason. Here is why we decided to try one:

  1. An electric car seems inherently more reliable with less mechanical parts (once it has been debugged!). [We're aware that buying version 1.0 of anything is risky, but we're gambling that it is actually OVER-engineered so that GM doesn't get a black-eye by putting out something marginal.] We're hoping that it will be less of a hassle to maintain (no oil changes, etc.)
  2. Our Honda CRX, a two-seater, was due to be replaced.
  3. The EV1 looked like it would be fun to drive and it is! It has more power than any of the other subcompacts we've had.
  4. We like trying out new technology (we're both engineers, after all).
  5. We can appreciate good engineering, and overall, it looks like the GM engineers have indeed done a good job.
  6. The EV1 was engineered from the ground-up to be an electric car, rather than a refurbished gasoline car.
  7. ... and, yes, an electric car seems to be more environmentally friendly and decreases the need to fight over the Middle East!

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