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...is that we hope to send some "messages":
  • To the engineers who worked on the EV1... Thank you! You came up with great innovations, put it together in a great systems concept, and brought it to production. You did a great job! This goes for not just the GMATV team, but also AeroVironment, Hughes, Delco... did we miss anyone?

  • To the Saturn EV1 team, thanks for the great support and enthusiasm you've put behind this vehicle. For us, getting an EV1 has turned out to be far more than just buying a different kind of car. Even given a good vehicle design, we've come to realize that the service and support behind the car is perhaps the make-or-break factor for an electric vehicle, particularly at this stage of development. Confidence in the people at Saturn made deciding to get the the second EV1 the easiest car purchase decision ever!

  • To Corporate GM, thanks for taking a chance and bringing the EV1 to market! Having previously owned two Toyotas and five Hondas prior to the release of the EV1, for reasons of quality and engineering we expected that we would never own an American car (being Japanese-Americans had nothing to do with it!). Getting the second EV1 is our vote of confidence not just in GM's technology but also in its EV infrastructure and customer support organization. We look forward to seeing GM follow up on a great start with more refinements of the EV1 line as well as new innovations for the future.

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