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Chevrolet Volt - Conclusion



So what's the bottom line on the Volt?

Nothing is perfect, especially when much is dependent on personal preference (Please, more range! Or at least an option for more range!), but we think Chevy has a winner here! This car should allow many people who want to switch to EV driving to do so without having "range anxiety" as they reach the end of their battery capacity. Though it would be more efficient for a commuter car to be pure-EV and not carry a gasoline engine around all the time, it's a reasonable tradeoff for someone who can only have one car. The car also makes it possible for a two-commuter family to commute on electricity only by having one pure-EV car and one Volt, removing the need to also have a pure-gasoline backup car. This is certainly a setup we are going to be looking at for ourselves.

The car would also ease the pressure on getting a large public charger infrastructure in place by not requiring charging on long trips as well as by its use of a convenient connection to AC power. A secondary effect may be to reduce the need to have expensive roadside assistance standing by for those who misjudge their driving distance.

So barring Chevy stumbling before bringing the Volt to market, it looks like things are looking up for EV drivers!