Storm at Anza - July 22, 2006

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Above are time lapse sequences (.mov format) of some lightning activity early in the evening. The yellowish glow is light pollution from nearby cities.  Click on thumbnails to run sequences. Individual frames shot with a Nikon D70s and Sigma 15mm fisheye lens.

Monsoon storms brought dramatic cloud formations and lightning to the OCA's Anza site on the evening of the club's annual barbecue picnic. I didn't get any astrophotos that evening, but being at the edge of a lightning storm gave me a lot of opportunities to try my hand at photographing lightning!



Storm clouds and high humidity set up for an interesting sunset. Click on the images at left for enlargements.


Cropped, composite view (above) of a late night approaching storm (6x5 minute frames) and time-lapse sequence. Individual frames were shot on Kodak E200 film.  View is to the east.

  North view of lightning on the opposite side of the ridge from the OCA's Anza observatory.


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