Norwalk Kendo Dojo Meeting 7/14/06


  1. Center items
    1. 7/5/06 meeting report
  2. Federation items
    1. 7/8/06 SCKF meeting report
  3. Old Business
    1. Carnival 7/22-23
  4. New Business
    1. see below

next meetings: 8/18, 9/15, 10/20, 11/17, 12/8
next enrollment dates: 9/1, 11/3

Notes (updated 7/15/06)

Attendees: Yumiko Yoshimura, Junko Hamamura, Megumi Domen, Frank Checkcinco, Junghee Choe, In Ho Cho, Rex Hahn, Ted Yoshimura, Yoshiko Endow, Jean Kodama

  1. Center notes
    1. 7/5/06 meeting report
      • kendo has bingo Sept 9; need menu (Mrs Domen)
      • ondo practice Mon/Thu 7:30-8:45pm
      • kitchen remodeling: $52K in fund. Email kitchen suggestions to Jim Niiro (, please also cc Jean Kodama ( So far suggestions include a 3-compartment sink, non-slip tile flooring, and air conditioning. New suggestions at meeting: improve electrical wiring (higher amperage, more outlets), garbage disposal, at least 2 faucets, more counter space around the sink
      • beware of outsiders coming into the Center (more bathroom flooding, cement dumping). Doorbells have been installed so entrances can be locked when monitoring is difficult (work donated by Jay Hayano (Kyoko Ozawa's son) and his fiancee). Also looking into surveillance cameras.
      • Center book of recipes as a fundraiser. Several suggestions for good features seen in similar books, such as adding a comment section.
      • Mr Toyoshima, at Mr Yoshimura's request, has built a protective cage for the clock in the gym. Kendo donated the clocks in the gym and in the kitchen.
      • the Sophi's group donated $100 to the dojo (Glen Mayeda), need thank you note.
      • after the carnival the Hawaiian dance group will use the mirror while the gym is closed (store in storeroom)
  2. Federation notes
    1. 7/8/06 SCKF meeting report
      • Nisei Week 8/6
        - see NEWS for team line-up
        - Miyahara sensei will be honored at the Nisei Pioneer Luncheon Wed 8/16, to attend contact Murakami sensei
      • Nikkei Games 8/13
        - spectators $5
        - dinner banquet Thu 8/10, to attend contact Yuge sensei by 7/27
      • OCB taikai
        - submitted two teams, including 3 from Costa Mesa/OCB, see NEWS for link to team line-ups
      • why is toban switched? Norwalk did setup all last year.
      • shinpan need to wear the proper uniform, everything must be plain (no shiny buttons, tie clips, patterned ties, etc)
      • new dojo Yun Kum Jae Kendo Dojo (Korea Town) accepted, information will be put on SCKF site soon
  3. Old business notes
    1. Carnival 7/22-23
      • food booth (chicken, beef, and yakisoba) and goldfish booth
      • see detailed schedule
      • set up kendo booth Sat morning 6:30am
      • Sat 4:30pm kendo demonstration
      • Sat 6pm presentation to Board members (Mr Yoshimura), need yakisoba sub
      • clean up Mon morning 6am-9am
      • review health department sheet
  4. New business notes
    1. July 31 membership deadline to participate in SCKF shinsa
    2. kata practice starts next Fri, bokken group purchase
    3. date for Christmas party: Dec 15
    4. dojo contact list and telephone tree: Rex Hahn will coordinate using senior kenshi help (eg recent grads), set up phone tree where each person gets two calls
    5. new member treatment: need published checklist for new member's first day; continue discussion about timing of submitting new members to the Center

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