Norwalk Kendo Dojo Meeting 8/18/06


  1. Center items
    1. 8/2/06 meeting report
  2. Federation items
    1. 8/12/06 SCKF meeting report
  3. Old Business
    1. dojo contact list and phone tree
    2. new members treatment
  4. New Business
    1. see below

next meetings: 9/15, 10/20, 11/17, 12/8
next enrollment dates: 9/1, 11/3

Notes (updated 8/21/06)

Attendees: Megumi Domen, Junko Hamamura, Yoshiko Endow, Bob Kitagawa, Ted Yoshimura, Yumi Yoshimura, Esther Lee, Junghee Choe, MeeJee Oh, Rie Amano, Jean Kodama

  1. Center notes
    1. 8/2/06 meeting report
      • kendo has bingo Sept 9; menu: salmon dinner + baked goods. Talk to Johnson Chang (judo), who has seafood business?
      • Carnival 7/22-23
        - need first aid station, personnel. Have cot in office.
        - gardeners: quitting carnival (corn, hot dog, tamale)
        - next time need more help from adult kenshi. Assign, not ask.
      • kitchen remodeling: Email kitchen suggestions to Jim Niiro (, please also cc Jean Kodama (
      • beware of outsiders coming into the Center (bathroom near flood). Also check toilets when leaving.
      • anyone interested in CPR training? Probably some Sat morning, ~$20 per person. Reply by next meeting (9/6). Needed for NYS coaches. Recommended for martial arts instructors and seniors. Dojo will pay for instructors who wish to participate.
      • Mr Yoshimura delivered Board portrait report
      • delivered thank you note for Sophi's $100 donation
  2. Federation notes
    1. 8/12/06 SCKF meeting report
      • head instructors/advisors meeting: to discuss guidelines for promotion, shinsa in general. Will set up technical committee at shinsa (10/15). May have a "convenience" shinsa in April.
      • reminder: cannot test outside of SCKF without president's approval, this may change to technical committee.
      • SCKF Team Championships Sun 9/24, deadline 9/9
      • SCKF Shinkyu Shinsa (promotional exam) Sun 10/15, deadline 9/9
      • Nisei Wk: point scoring device hard to see (eg white against white shirt), may go to magnetic board? Add triangles for hansoku?
      • Kamei sensei (Kumamoto PD) in So Cal Oct 19-20, Thu OCB, Fri OSULA
      • Asian Heritage Festival 9/16 at Queen Mary, Shikai sensei has tickets ($21 value), needs demo volunteers
      • HD needs kodansha instructor on Sat for next 3 months, $100 paid by SCKF (120 miles)
      • OCB taikai 9/3, 50/50 raffle tickets, kachinuki (liability concerns?), flash photography
      • Ed Parr sensei passed away, funeral Sun 8/20, 3 pm, First Assembly of God Church, 534 N Alameda Ave, Azusa 91702.
        Dojo will give koden.
      • mother's division?
  3. Old business notes
    1. dojo contact list and telephone tree: Rex Hahn
    2. new member treatment: need published checklist for new member's first day; if possible collect paperwork and give handouts and equipment prior to first day
  4. New business notes
    1. financial report (04/06/01-04/11/30?), recommend transferring $2000 to special account
    2. toban: discontinue from Sept? First try announcing each practice, get feedback from kenshi.
    3. Roy Kaneshiro donated $100 at carnival, need thank you note.

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