Norwalk Kendo Dojo Meeting 9/15/06


  1. Center items
    1. 9/6/06 meeting report
  2. Federation items
    1. 9/9/06 SCKF meeting report
  3. Old Business
    1. see below
  4. New Business
    1. see below

next meetings: 10/13, 11/17, 12/8
next enrollment dates: 11/3

Notes (updated 9/17/06)

Attendees: Kay Yoon, Lily Chin, Sam Choi, Bob Kitagawa, Dennis and Shirley Doi, Jean Kodama

  1. Center notes
    1. 9/6/06 meeting report
      • Bingo Sept 9, hosted by kendo. Many thanks to everyone who helped (see NEWS page).
      • Carnival 7/22-23. So far net loss due to electric bill. Each organization needs to pay 33% of net to Center asap.
      • NYS pancake breakfast tickets handed out. Received 10 books (ten $4 tickets each), return unsold tickets at next meeting. Includes raffle.
      • new carpeting in karaoke room. Big thank you to Ted Yoshimura and kendo people who helped moved everything out and then back in.
      • kitchen remodeling: meeting Wed 9/20 at 7:30pm in the kitchen. Kendo must send at least one or two people, to discuss our own as well as other suggestions. Need to create specific proposal for Board.
      • CPR training: tentatively 5 from kendo. Probably some Sat morning in Nov, ~$20 per person, dojo will pay for senseis.
      • first aid station: moved cot to room #1 (men's dressing room), investigating AED (automated external defibrillator), looking for used wheelchair.
  2. Federation notes
    1. 9/9/06 SCKF meeting report (see SCKF website for agenda and more details on specific items)
      • Kamei sensei from Japan visiting in Oct. Thu 10/19 OCB dojo, Fri 10/20 OSULA.
      • Asian Heritage Festival 9/16 at Queen Mary. Received 5 tickets from Shikai sensei ($21 value). Distributed to dojo meeting attendees (2 to Mrs Chin, 3 to Mrs Yoon).
      • SCKF Team Championships Sun 9/24, submitted 4 teams, dojo paid fees and obento. Substitute AJ for Phillip on adult team. Need to provide coaches with flags, review when and how to protest. For championships, shinai will be weighed, shinpan need to check especially on shinai change. Any illegal shinai, including foreign object in shinai, disqualifies the whole team. Weigh in 7:30-9am. No wet shinai will be weighed.
      • SCKF Shinkyu Shinsa (promotional exam) Sun 10/15.
        • Submitted names. Selection based on attendance (kendo, shiai geiko, kata, tournaments), attitude, level, age, etc.
        • Meeting after shinsa of all sensei to discuss SCKF technical committee.
      • Oct meeting moved from 10/14 to 10/7.
      • Ace Dojo moving to Cypress location, Cypress dojo dissolved (members joining Ace Dojo).
      • OCB 30th Anniversary 9/3. Received thank you note.
      • Kodansha shinsa 11/12 at Chuo.
  3. Old business notes
    1. dojo contact list and telephone tree: Rex Hahn
    2. new members: publish checklist for new member's first day; if possible collect paperwork and give handouts and equipment prior to first day.
    3. toban: continuing
    4. Roy Kaneshiro donated $100 at carnival, send thank you note.
  4. New business notes
    1. "Going to college/back to school" party?

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