Norwalk Kendo Dojo Meeting 10/13/06


  1. Center items
    1. 10/4/06 meeting report
  2. Federation items
    1. 10/7/06 SCKF meeting report
  3. Old Business
    1. see below
  4. New Business
    1. see below

next meetings: 11/17, 12/8
next enrollment dates: 11/3

Notes (updated 10/16/06)

Attendees: Bob Kitagawa, Samuel Choi, Nam An Lee, Junghee Choe, Jung Mim Rodriguez, Rie Amano, Megumi Domen, Dennis Doi, Chong Hoon Lee, Ted Yoshimura, Jean Kodama

  1. Center notes
    1. 10/4/06 meeting report
      • Calendar: kendo has gym 12/15 5pm-12am for Christmas party
      • Carnival: has kendo paid 33% of net to Center?
        Sent $800 earlier this week
      • NYS pancake breakfast
        - kendo bought 2 books ($80), returned 8 books
        - NYS needs refrigerator (right 4 doors), requests kendo empty their items
      • kitchen remodeling
        • meeting Wed 9/20 at 7:30pm in the kitchen
          - attended by 5 people: Mr Niiro, Maggie, Mr Yoshimura, Mrs Domen, 1 other kendo
          - summary grid: yes small sink, no garbage disposal, yes ceramic tile, yes T-work island, yes sink counter space, yes wider window counter, yes pot storage, yes electrical outlets, no new rice cookers, yes stove electric igniters, yes 24" stove, no air conditioning
        • next meeting Wed 10/18 at 7:30pm in kitchen, more people need to attend
      • CPR training: tentatively 5 from kendo
        - Sat 12/16, 8am-12pm, $22 each
        - final attendance needed by end of month
        - tentatively Fukawa Koji, Kodama Jean, Chang Hannah, maybe Bob Kitagawa
      • annual December general meeting Sat 12/3 12-2pm
        - order obento at next meeting, probably $10 each
        - need volunteers to go!
  2. Federation notes
    1. 10/7/06 SCKF meeting report (see SCKF website for agenda and more details on specific items)
      • Kamei sensei from Japan visiting in Oct
        - Thu 10/19 OCB dojo, Fri 10/20 OSULA.
      • SCKF Shinkyu Shinsa (promotional exam) Sun 10/15.
        - received participant numbers, need to mark on tare
        - be sure kenshi plan to arrive by 8am, very strict 8:30am cut off
        - meeting after shinsa of all sensei to discuss SCKF technical committee
      • AUSKF Board meeting 11/11-12
        - godo geiko 5-6pm 11/12 Chuo
        - kodansha shinsa 1:30pm 11/12 Chuo
      • inactive dojos
        - Remnant Dojo withdrawing from SCKF
        - Board conducting mail ballot to determine whether to terminate High Desert and Tustin Dojos
      • Brian Olson (CM) has copy of AUSKF insurance policies, request copies for our records. Includes general liability and secondary health coverage ($200 deductible).
      • $10 mailing fee will be charged if documents need to be mailed to non-attending dojos
  3. Old business notes
    1. dojo contact list and telephone tree: Rex Hahn
    2. new members: publish checklist for new member's first day; if possible collect paperwork and give handouts and equipment prior to first day.
    3. toban: continuing
  4. New business notes
    1. Christmas party 12/15. Suggestion to require a dish or money from all families (even if they don't attend, to encourage attendance). Volunteered the 5 women attendees to set up the party committee. Need invitation list from the senseis to pass out in Nov.

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