Norwalk Kendo Dojo Meeting 11/6/06


  1. Center items: 11/1/06 meeting report
  2. Federation items: 11/4/06 SCKF meeting report
  3. Old Business
  4. New Business

next meetings: 12/8
next enrollment dates: 1/5

Notes (updated 11/10/06)

Attendees: June Chen, Junko Hamamura, Rie Amano, Megumi Domen, Yumiko Yoshimura, Ted Yoshimura, Fukuyo Tanaka, Jean Kodama

  1. Center notes
    1. 11/1/06 meeting report
      • Calendar: kendo has gym 12/15 5pm-12am for Christmas party
        - also: 11/11 Glen Yata dance, 11/19 Team USA keiko and party 8am-4pm
      • Carnival: kendo paid $800 (33% of net) to Center
      • Mailings: please email updated membership list to Mas Onoda in time for the Jan newsletters. Send an excel spreadsheet with separate columns for lastname, firstname, street address, city, state, zipcode
      • CPR training: Sat 12/16, 8am-12pm, $22 each
        - 6 from kendo (Fukawa, Kodama, Yoshimura Steve, Masami, Hannah, Mr Yoon. Pay next meeting.
      • annual December general meeting Sun 12/3 12-2pm
        - reserved 4 obento for kendo (pay $40 to Tosh Teramoto). Need volunteers to go!
      • graffiti: west side of building, east wall doors, block walls
        - other reports: spray painted car, soap in men's bathroom
      • 2007 carnival dates: 4th full weekend in July, so next year 7/28-29 (1 week before Nisei Wk taikai, 5 weeks after SCKC)
  2. Federation notes
    1. 11/4/06 SCKF meeting report (see SCKF website for agenda and more details on specific items)
      • SCKF Shinkyu Shinsa (promotional exam) Sun 10/15
        - examiners may address each group with general comments
        - heel pads may be considered as part of chakuso
        - examiners may take into account an examinee's behavior before, during, and after they perform kendo and kata (bad manners of kenshi in 1D group, for example) technical committee
      • AUSKF Board meeting 11/11-12
        - godo geiko 5-6:30pm 11/11 Sho Tokyo Dojo
        - kodansha shinsa 1:30pm 11/12 Chuo Dojo
      • inactive dojos
        - Remnant Dojo and High Desert withdrew from SCKF
        - Board conducting mail ballot on Tustin Dojo probation
  3. Old business notes
    1. dojo contact list and telephone tree: Rex Hahn
    2. toban: list of delinquent members
    3. Christmas party 12/15
      - last meeting: suggestion to require a dish or money from all families even if they don't attend, to encourage attendance.
      - party committee?
  4. New business notes
    1. gift for Domen Sumi?
    2. last 2006 keiko Mon 12/18, first 2007 keiko Fri 1/5
    3. Hawaii trip next summer?

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