Norwalk Dojo Bokken Group Purchase, 7/21/06

From August through mid-October, we will be practicing kata on Fridays from 9 to 10pm. During this period we will also use bokken (wooden swords) when we do kihon-dosa (basic exercises).

Note: Kenshi 3 kyu and above are expected to practice kata, so owning a bokken is encouraged. Kenshi who will be trying for 1 kyu or above must perform kata at the shinsa, so they must own a bokken. For kenshi below 3 kyu, owning a bokken is optional. Using a bokken is excellent for learning the proper way to grip the shinai and how to cut using the proper blade angles.

Thanks to, Norwalk kenshi will be able to purchase bokken (wooden swords) at a discounted price.

Please place your order asap, final deadline Fri 7/21/06. Order by emailing or sign up at keiko Mon 7/17 or Fri 7/21. offers:

Eguchi USA also sells bokuto. Theirs are imported from Japan, made with Japanese red oak. They have bokuto not listed on their website; contact them for more information. Both eBogu and Eguchi have stores in Torrance.

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