Norwalk Kendo Dojo practices twice a week:
  • Monday
    7:00pm - 8:30pm  Kendo
    9:00pm - 10pm     Iaido

  • Friday
    7:30pm - 9:00pm  Kendo
    9:00pm - 10pm     Advanced kendo (3 kyu above), kata 7/21/06-10/13/06
Exceptions are highlighted in the calendar below. Please also see the NEWS page for more details, including news and reminders.

Please standby for 2007 calendar, pending the SCKF schedule

1/1, Sun
1/6, Mon
1/14, Sat
1/16, Mon
1/22, Sun
1/28, Sat
1/29, Sun
1/30, Mon
New Year's Day
New Member Enrollment Day
Team USA Final Elims
M. L. King Day (there is practice)
SCKF New Year's Party
Eiga sensei seminar
Mori Hai Taikai
no practice
2/3, Fri
2/11, Sat
2/20, Mon
Dojo Portrait, Shiai Geiko, and
New Member Enrollment Day
Steveston Tournament, Canada
President's Day (there is practice)
3/3, Fri
3/10, Fri
New Member Enrollment Day
Shiai Geiko, Parents Meeting
4/7, Fri
4/9, Sun
4/10, Mon
4/16, Sun
4/30, Sun
Shiai Geiko
North-South Tournament, Wilson Park
no practice
Center cleanup
5/1, Mon
5/12, Fri
5/14, Sun
5/19, Fri
5/29, Mon
New Member Enrollment Day
Shiai Geiko
Mother's Day
Dojo meeting
Memorial Day no practice
6/3, Sat
6/4, Sun
6/9, Fri
6/11, Sun
6/12, Mon
6/16, Fri
6/18, Sun
Demonstration for Japanese School
Shiai Geiko
SCKF Shinpan Seminar, Venice Dojo
SCKF Individual Championships, Wilson Park
no practice
Dojo meeting
Father's Day
AUSKF Summer Camp and Shinsa, Long Beach
7/4, Tue
7/7, Fri
7/9, Sun
7/14, Fri
7/22-23, Sa-Su
7/24, Mon
7/28, Fri
7/31, Mon
Independence Day
New Member Enrollment Day, Carnival planning meeting
SCKF Kata Seminar
dojo meeting
Community Center Summer Carnival
no practice (gym floor resurfacing)
no practice (gym floor resurfacing)
kendo movie night
8/4, Fri
8/6, Sun
8/13, Sun
8/18, Fri
no practice (gym floor resurfacing)
Nisei Week Taikai, Nishi Honganji
Nikkei Games, Long Beach Pyramid
dojo meeting
9/1, Fri
9/3, Sun
9/4, Mon
9/15, Fri
9/24, Sun
9/25, Mon
New Member Enrollment Day
OCB 30th Anniversary Taikai
Labor Day no practice
dojo meeting
SCKF Team Championship, Wilson Park
no practice
10/13, Fri
10/15, Sun
10/27, Fri
10/31, Tue
dojo meeting
SCKF Shinkyu Shinsa (Promotional Exam)
no practice (VFW basketball tournament)
11/3, Fri
11/10, Fri
11/23, Thu
11/24, Fri
New Member Enrollment Day
dojo meeting
no practice
12/8, Fri
12/15, Fri
12/18, Mon
12/25, Mon
dojo meeting
13th World Kendo Championships, Taiwan
Christmas party
last practice of 2006


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