SEJSCC Carnival
Sat and Sun, Jul 28-29, 2007

updated 0707.27

As before, we will be operating two booths:

Note: we will not be undertaking corn after all; fortunatey Gakuen (Japanese school) will take this over.
Work schedule

Sat 4:30pm kendo demonstration
In addition to all available sensei, we have selected 12 kenshi to participate representing a range of levels. Participants:

Demonstration detailed notes:

00:00  opening, introductions (MC Jean)
       (walk in, seiza 2x6, mokuso, intros)
00:05  kata (Kariya and Domen)
       (everyone else puts on men)
00:12  point demonstration (Mike and Steve)
00:14  (4 motodachi = Henmi, Fukawa, Mike, Steve; 3 kenshi per line)
       kirikaeshi (end up opposite side)
       uchikomi (1x men, kote, do, kote-men, kote-do) (end up original side)
       kakari-geiko (end up original side)
00:17  shiai geiko (shinpan Henmi, Mike, Steve)
00:26  conclusion
       (seiza 2x6, mokuso, conclusion, walk out: follow Henmi sensei)

line 1 (Henmi):  Kim Esther, Amano Shingo, Kariya Yoshijiro
line 2 (Fukawa): Liao Alex, Chung Alex, Domen Sumi
line 3 (Mike):   Yoon Brian, Choi Andrew, Chang Jeffrey
line 4 (Steve):  Yoon Courtney, Kim Patrick, Amano Shotaro

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