Norwalk Kendo Dojo Meeting 2/9/07


  1. Center items: 2/7/07 meeting report
  2. Federation items: 2/3/07 SCKF meeting report
  3. Old Business
  4. New Business

next meeting: 3/16
next enrollment date: 3/2

Notes (updated 2/10/07)

Attendees: Fukuyo Tanaka, June Chen, Bob Kitagawa, Sam Choi, Jean Kodama; late: Megumi Domen, Mario Jarquin, Junko Hamamura, Yumi Yoshimura

  1. Center notes
    - 2/7/06 meeting report
    • got bingo changed from Sep 9 to Oct 6 (pending judo's ok)
    • Nerio Scholarship applications due 3/23
    • looking into surveillance cameras, possibly from costco
    • back door can be locked without a key by reaching in and flipping a lever (need to find out how)
    • Jean Kodama ordered AUSKF insurance certificate for the Center
    • kendo fundraising probably ok (bring specific request to Board)
    • karate wants to install two 72"x100" mirrors in judo dojo. Perhaps sliding doors or other covering would provide more safety.
  2. Federation notes
    - 2/3/07 SCKF meeting report (see SCKF website for agenda and more details on specific items)
    • 13WKC Team USA Victory Party will be 3/3
    • Norwalk Dojo will host the SCKF shinpan seminar on 5/20/07
    • FIK American Zone Shinpan Seminar for 5dan and above (4dan ok). Henmi sensei, Fukawa sensei, and Kodama sensei signed up.
    • North-South taikai in San Jose 4/1/07, applications due 3/2. Each dojo sends in on their own.
    • Harada sensei keiko Sun 2/25 1-4pm Cabrillo High School, Long Beach
  3. preliminary promotion guidelines have been posted, so far outlines beginner "promotions" for wearing keikogi and hakama, bogu (do, tare, kote), and men. Still need to get another round of ok's from senseis.
  4. Hawaii trip
    • 8 people signed up: M/M Fukawa, J Kodama, S Yoshimura, Y Kariya, S Domen, M/M Henderson
    • only 2 tickets awailable for the 9am flight @$367, other fares went up to $445. 4 will use this flight from LAX, 4 will leave 7:30am from Ontario @367.
    • others wanted to go but could not commit to the trip due to cash flow problems
    • suggestion to look into fundraising projects
      - ideas include car wash, yard sale, selling candy, corporate program (eg Krispy Kreme)
      - suggestion to have a bank account-like program similar to boy scouts or band groups. Participating students get deposit points for hours worked at fund raising event or amount sold. This way students can start saving for future trips and activities, not just this year's Hawaii trip.
      - first event: white elephant sale (new/good items only, not junk). Submit proposal to Board for next Wed meeting, announce in Mar Tomodachi (out 3/4 mid-week). 3/10-11 too early, 3/3/17-18 FIK seminar, so request 3/24-25. Suggestion to do Sat to get Japanese school traffic. Also need to advertise in Pennysaver. Finalize ideas by Mon.

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