Norwalk Kendo Dojo Meeting 1/19/07


  1. Center items: 1/3/07 meeting report
  2. Federation items: 1/12/07 SCKF meeting report
  3. Old Business
  4. New Business

next meeting: 2/9
next enrollment date: 3/2

Notes (updated 1/20/07)

Attendees: Frank Checkcinco, Junghee Choe, David Azama, Bob Kitagawa, Ted Yoshimura, Megumi Domen, June Liao, Junko Hamamura, Fukuyo Tanaka, Jean Kodama

  1. Center notes
    - 1/3/06 meeting report
    • no one was able to attend
    • Mr Yoshimura gave the CPR check to NYS on Fri
  2. Federation notes
    - 1/12/07 SCKF meeting report (see SCKF website for agenda and more details on specific items)
    • 13WKC Team USA report by Shikai sensei. Victory Party will be 3/3.
    • discussed calendar for 2007 and 2008 (see SCKF and Norwalk Dojo calendars, both have been updated)
    • check if Norwalk Dojo can host the shinpan seminar on 5/20/07
    • FIK American Zone Shinpan Seminar for 5dan and above (4dan ok). Deadline to sign up is 2/2 (Feb meeting). Use the form passed out by Murakami sensei.
    • AUSKF insurance: Yamasaki sensei will submit a group request for certificates for co-insured. Submit facility name, etc, by 1/27.
    • SCKO hosting Ishida sensei keiko Sun 1/21 1:30-3pm
    • Ace Dojo changed name to Cypress Martial Arts Institute
  3. Dojo officer elections
    - A very large amount of time was spent in nominations. The following officers finally consented to serve:
    • President: Mrs Domen
    • 1st Vice President: Mr Kitagawa
    • 2nd Vice President: Mrs Hamamura
    • 2nd Vice President: Mr Choi
    • Treasurer: Mrs Amano (elected in absentia)
    • Treasurer: Mrs Tanaka


  4. Hawaii trip
    1. the idea:
      • the SEJSCC carnival occurs every year in July (this year 7/28-29)
      • the gym floor is refinished immediately following this, so we cannot practice for two weeks (this year Mo 7/30 - Su 8/12)
      • try to take a dojo trip during this two week break

    2. Jean Kodama visited several Hawaii dojos during the Christmas break:
      • Mitsune Dojo, Wailuku, Maui [Mo We Fr 7-8:30p]
        small dojo, to host a keiko with us would need to reserve YMCA
      • Kaifukan Dojo, Kailua Oahu [Tu Th 7-8:30p, Sa 2-3p (iaido 1-2p)]
        Maeda sensei knows Koh sensei (taught at Taiwan National University for 2 years). Windward side.
      • Kenshikan Dojo, Honolulu Oahu [Tu We 7:30-9:30p, Sa 9:30a-12p]
        largest dojo in HKF (120 of 360 members), very nice facility (built with Otsuka funds?). Some 13WKC members.
      • HKF Honbu Keiko, Kaimuki Oahu [Su 10-11:30a (iaido 8:30-10a)]
        was invited but couldn't attend due to family commitments on Maui
      • Waipahu Seibukan Dojo, Aiea Oahu [Sa 9-11a]
        closed during the break so couldn't attend
      • Mililani Dojo, Mililani Oahu [Th 7-8:30p]
        no reply to my inquiry. Oka sensei's dojo. Some 13WKC members.
      • see Hawaii Kendo Federation (HKF) dojo list and oahu photo

    3. proposed schedule
      • Th 8/2: depart for Oahu, hotel in Waikiki Fr 8/3: Sa 8/4: afternoon keiko at Kaifukan Dojo (windward side) Su 8/5: morning keiko at HKF Honbu (yudansha) Mo 8/6: optional keiko on Maui Tu 8/7: We 8/8: evening keiko at Kenshikan Dojo Th 8/9: return to Los Angeles

    4. preliminary budget (Note: low prices, not guaranteed until purchased!)
      • $347.30 airfare LAX-HNL round trip (9a-11:30a, 9:30a-5:50p) 194 7 nights @$97+14% (4 people per room) (25)? minivan rental ($397.99 for 7-person minivan, per week) 250 ? meals (@ $35 per day?) 15 ? omiage (gifts to dojos and senseis visited) ---- $832 ? per person ($807 if dojo pays for minivans) 194 additional per person if double occupancy 388 additional per person if single occupancy 90 Maui: airfare HNL-OGG round trip (25)? minivan rental ($397.99 for 7-person minivan, per week) (30)? gym rental ($300) ----- $145 ? additional per person ($90 if dojo pays for minivans and gym)

    5. the rules
      • purpose is friendship through kendo. Also:
        - incentive to learn and demonstrate good reigi and kihon
        - incentive for dojo participation from the parents
      • Norwalk kenshi and immediate family (?)
      • all adults must be willing to help with trip organizing (before and during)
      • all minors must promise to follow instructions. Minors must be accompanied by their parents.

    6. if the group size starts to get too big, the above rules criteria may be evaluted to determine who can go

    7. need commitment (names and credit card numbers) by end of Jan

    See current hawaii trip plans for the latest info.

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