Norwalk Kendo Dojo Meeting 3/16/07

  1. Center items: 3/7/07 meeting report
  2. Federation items: 3/10/07 SCKF meeting report
  3. Other

next meeting: 4/13, next enrollment date: 5/4

Notes (updated 3/18/07)

Attendees: Gayle Nagasawa, Bob Kitagawa, Yoshijiro Kariya, Sam Choi, Mario Jarquin, Megumi Domen, Junko Hamamura, Jean Kodama

  1. Center notes
    - 3/7/06 meeting report
    • bingo: Kendo has Oct 6. Aug bingo is in judo dojo, so dance club asked to switch
    • getting stage lights fixed. $1K down payment
    • recognition dinner April 21 6pm. Nominating Marvin Kobayashi and Mary Jane Mayeda. Kendo to do kitchen prep 3-6pm. Taiko would like another group (Wed basketball?) to do cleanup, since they're performing and buying dinner ($20).
    • kendo white elephant sale
      • sale area along south wall
      • Pennysaver ad 8am-1pm, Tomodachi announcement 7am-1pm (one hour earlier for Center members)
      • recommend put signs around the neighborhood. Signs inside the Center ok.
      • block off parking lot and direct Japanese school traffic
    • Center clean up Sun 4/29 9am-12pm
    • surveillance cameras: getting installation quotes. Any recommendations? ATS (Katella near Western) suggests 14 cameras. Please keep doors closed where no one is around (especially in the back) to be less inviting to walk-in vandals.
    • Rafu Shimpo articles: due Mar 17 to Linda Kusuda
    • gave thank you note to Mr Toyoshiba (via Ellen Oye), included See's candy certificate and $25 Home Depot gift card
  2. Federation notes
    - 3/10/07 SCKF meeting report (see SCKF website for agenda and more details on specific items)
    • FIK Shinpan Seminar this Sat-Sun. Mr Yoshimura volunteered for timekeeping.
    • North-South Tournament Apr 1 in San Jose
    • Norwalk Dojo will host the SCKF shinpan seminar on 5/20/07. Suggestion to sell lunches for fundraising? Ask permission at next meeting, need details (menu and prices).
    • Permanent AUSKF ID cards were passed out
    • Tustin Dojo withdrew from SCKF
  3. promotion guidelines have been posted for beginners. Started checking off kenshi for hakama folding. Next is shinai maintenance.
  4. Mrs Tanaka and Mrs Amano visited Mrs Henmi this week to take flowers and omimai after her operation
  5. Hawaii trip Thu 8/2 - Thu 8/9
    • 8 people signed up in Jan to get the $367 airfare: M/M Fukawa, J Kodama, S Yoshimura, Y Kariya, S Domen, M/M Henderson.
    • Some kenshi are still interested in joining in. Absolute deadline April 20 (Fri after taxes due). Current airfares are $470 (same ATA flight), $447 AA.
    • Keiko Sat Kaifukan (Kailua), Sun HKF Honbu (Kaimuki), Mon Maui, Wed Kenshikan (Honolulu)
    • Omiage? Paperweights (ship ahead via priority mail flat rate box $8.10). Tenugui. Other ideas?
  6. fundraising
    • Candy sale underway. Each kenshi to sell at least one box of candy, $6 to dojo and $6 to kenshi account. Deadline is end of March.
    • kenshi accounts: participating students get deposit points for hours worked at fund raising event or amount sold. Can go toward fees, equipment, trips and activities.
    • White elephant rummage sale Sat 3/24 7am-1pm (set up 6am, clean up 2pm) Approved by Center Board 2/14. Yoshijiro Kariya will check if permit needed. Kenshi account thoughts: 3 hour shifts (2, maybe 3, shifts possible on Sat (6am on) with split of 50% of proceeds (other 50% to dojo), or some split also based on donations and sales? Parents to discuss. Need several guys to help putting up tents Sat am.

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