Summary for 2007

  • Fri, 1/5/07: first 2007 keiko
    The parents prepared zenzai (sweet bean soup), fresh mochi, and New Year's dishes - many thanks!

  • Mon, 1/8/07: sensei meeting
    Yamaguchi sensei, Koh sensei, Henmi sensei, Fukawa sensei, Kodama sensei, and Yoshimura Steve sensei met to discuss several items, including criteria for advancement for beginners, how to develop kiai, breaking up into subgroups for teaching, and a possible dojo trip to Hawaii.

  • Fri, 1/12/07: Welcome new kenshi!
    - Lim, Eugene

  • Sun, 1/14/07: SCKF New Year's party
    Attended by Yamaguchi sensei, Koh sensei, Kodama sensei, Yoshimura Mike sensei, and by parents/supporters Mrs Koh, Mrs Domen, Mrs Hamamura, Mrs Amano, David Kodama, Mr and Mrs Yoshimura, and Yuki Yoshimura. Thanks to everyone for attending on behalf of the dojo. The Kodamas got the two very last door prizes!

  • Fri, 1/19/07: Dojo Meeting
    New officers were elected: President Mrs Domen, 1st VP Mr Kitagawa, 2nd VP Mrs Hamamura (tournament), 3rd VP Mr Choi (new members, toban, equipment), Treasurers Mrs Amano and Mrs Tanaka.

    Also discussed a possible trip to Hawaii during the after-carnival break this summer.

  • Sun, 1/28/07: Storeroom Clean Up
    Many thanks to everyone who came out Sunday morning to help clean out and reorganize the store room and kitchen cabinet: Matthew Sanchez, Mrs Domen, Mr and Mrs Yoshimura, Steve Yoshimura, Mr Cho, Mr Choi, Mrs Hamamura, and Jean Kodama. Special thanks to Linda Kusuda for coming out to open the outside storage containers and left side store room for us!

  • Fri, 2/2/07: shiai geiko
    Team shiai, kachinuki style

  • Fri, 2/9/07: Dojo meeting
    topics included SEJSCC meeting, SCKF meeting, and fundraising for the dojo trip to Hawaii

  • Sat, 2/10/07: Steveston Tournament

    Chung Alex and Kim Patrick were the two outstanding students chosen last December to represent Norwalk Dojo at the Steveston Taikai. Both competed in the 11-13 year group, where Alex won 2nd place. They also competed on the SCKF kyu team, which won 2nd place in a closely contested final match with hometown favorites Steveston Dojo. Good job Alex and Patrick!

  • Mon, 2/12/07: energy transfer demo
    Newton's 2nd law of motion (F=MA), etc, illustrated in a double ball bounce demonstration

  • Fri, 2/16/07: uchikomi ningyo
    Many thanks to Mr Toyoshiba for rewelding the dummy torso, and for bending a new arm swing clamp.

  • Wed, 2/21/07: Yoshimura new arrival

    Welcome to future kenshi Ryan Yuugo Yoshimura (born 3:47am, 7lb 12oz, 21"), and congratulations to parents Mike and Nancy Yoshimura and big brother Yuuki!
    (click on image for an enlargement)

  • Fri, 2/23/07: Welcome new kenshi!
    - Jeff Lundell, 2dan (formerly with PNKF)

  • Mon, 2/26/07: Beginner promotions
    Congratulations to the following kenshi, who passed the test to wear keikogi and hakama: Lee Joshua, Mendez Gary, Oh Joshua, Yoon Courtney, Yoon Brian

  • Fri, 3/2/07: Welcome new kenshi!
    - Chung, Woody (iado member, now starting kendo too)

  • Sat, 3/3/07: Team USA Victory Party
    6pm at the Reef Restaurant in Long Beach, $35 per person. Attendees from Norwalk include Yamaguchi sensei, Huang sensei, Fukawa sensei, Kodama sensei, Yoshimura Steve sensei, Domen san, Tanaka san, Mr/Mrs Yoshimura, and of course Domen Sumi (Team USA member).

  • Mon, 3/5/07: Welcome new kenshi!
    - Nagasawa Jeffrey (5kyu, formerly with a KKA USA dojo)

  • Mon, 3/12/07: Welcome new kenshi!
    - Mun Albert and Ahn Harry

  • Fri, 3/16/07: Dojo meeting

  • Fri, 3/16/07: Beginner promotions
    Congratulations to the following kenshi, who passed the test to wear keikogi and hakama: Kim Matthew and Liao Alexander

  • Sat-Sun, 3/17-18/07: FIK Shinpan Seminar
    International Kendo Federation American Zone shinpan seminar, for 4dan and above. $8 per day for bento, $40 for party. Henmi sensei, Fukawa sensei, and Kodama sensei attended.

  • Fri, 3/23/07: Shiai geiko
    Three groups: beginners (kihon shiai), lower kyu, upper kyu. Yudansha practiced shinpan, then finished with 3-person team shiai.

  • Sat, 3/24/07: White elephant sale, 6am-2pm, SEJSCC parking lot

    Many thanks to everyone who helped, and to all who donated items!


  • Sun, 4/1/07: North-South Tournament, San Jose
    Norwalk Dojo attendees included Yamaguchi sensei, Fukawa sensei, Domen Sumi, Chang Jeffrey, Lundell Jeff, Nguyen Emil, Hamamura Yu, Choe Andrew, and Choe Bryan. Congratulations to Sumi, who was on the SCKF women's team which won first place.

  • Fri, 4/2/07: Welcome new kenshi!
    Kim Alex, Kim John, and Kim Esther (all joining us from another dojo)

  • Fri, 4/13/07: Candy sale fund raiser
    Top sales honors went to Joyce Chi, who sold 7 boxes of candy. Eguchi USA kendo equipment sellers were kind enough to donate the prize, a brand new shinai. Special honors also go to Gary Mendez, who sold two boxes of candy for $100!

    Thanks to everyone who participated in the candy sale fundraiser.

  • Fri, 4/20/07: Beginner promotions
    Congratulations to the following kenshi, who passed the test to wear keikogi and hakama: Chung Woody and Lim Eugene

  • Sat, 4/21/07: Center Recognition Dinner
    Many thanks to all those who helped in the kitchen from 3-6pm: Mrs Domen, Mrs Hamamura, Mrs Amano, Mr and Mrs Yoshimura, and Mrs Chen

  • Mon, 4/23/07: Keiko
    Thanks to Okada sensei from Venice Dojo for practicing.

  • Mon, 4/23/07: Shinai Maintenance
    Thanks to Henmi sensei for demonstrating how to care for your shinai. See diagram for a reminder on how to tie it.

  • Mon, 4/30/07: Candy sale fund raiser
    Special sales honors went to Gary Medez, who sold 2 boxes of chocolates for $100. He was presented with a shinai knife for maintaining his shinai.

  • Fri, 5/4/07: Welcome new kenshi!
    Jang Han, Oh Paul, Oh Gabrielle, Mun David

  • Mon, 5/7/07: Welcome new kenshi!
    Huang Michael, Huang Cody, and Wang Alexander

  • Mon, 5/21/07: Welcome new kenshi!
    Wang Chialeh

  • Fri, 5/18/07: Dojo meeting
    Monthly parent meeting. Special topics included parent attendance/sign in at dojo practices notifications for poor beginner attendance (miss 2 keikos in a row), and notifications for delinquent dojo dues (fees subtracted from deposit).

  • Sun, 5/20/07: SCKF Shinpan Seminar, Norwalk Dojo
    For 3dan and above. Attendees included Yamaguchi sensei, Henmi sensei, Fukawa sensei, Kodama sensei, Domen Sumi. Shiai volunteers were Chang Jeffrey and Amano Shotaro.

    Obento fund raising: Norwalk Dojo served katsu curry rice combo which included salad and choice of dessert.

    Heartfelt thanks to the many people who helped with food preparation Fri-Sun and with set up, serving, and clean up at the seminar!

  • Thu, 5/24/07: OCB Dojo Special Keiko 7:30-9:15pm.

  • Sun, 5/27/07: SCKO Team Tournament, Cabrillo High School, Long Beach
    See map. Participants include Domen Sumi, Chang Jeffrey, Hamamura Yu, Nguyen Emil, Chu Michael, Lundell Jeff, Amano Shingo, Choi Andrew, Choe Bryan, Chung Alex, Kim Patrick, Choe Andrew.

  • Fri, 6/1/07: Keiko
    Thanks to Shoraku sensei from Costa Mesa Dojo for practicing.

  • Mon, 6/4/07: Beginner promotions
    Congratulations to the following kenshi, who passed the test to wear men: Azama Eric, Henderson Steve

  • Fri, 6/8/07: Welcome new kenshi!
    Hahn Janet, Hahn Danielle, Hahn Lance, Kim Irene (Hahn Rex's family)

  • Mon, 6/11/07: Welcome new kenshi!
    Kim Kay (Courtney's mom)

  • Mon, 6/11/07: Keiko
    Welcome back, Takanashi sensei

  • Fri, 6/15/07: Dojo meeting
    Monthly parent meeting. Topics included the recent SEJSCC and SCKF meetings and the carnival. Decided to add hot dogs and corn (taking over for gardeners). Note: Sat found out gakuen will take over the corn.

  • Sun, 6/24/07: SCKF Individual Championships, Wilson Park

    Congratulations to Chung Alex for winning first place in the 3-1 kyu division.

    Iaido demonstration was put on by Ralutin sensei, Ma Phillip, and Chung Woody. Kendo participants included Fukawa sensei, Kodama sensei, Cho In Ho, Nguyen Emil, Chang Jeffrey, Hamamura Yu, Amano Shotaro, Amano Shingo, Choi Andrew, Chung Alex, Kim Patrick, Sanchez Matthew, Ma Phillip, Reyna Marina, Checkcinco Chris, Lee Kenneth.


  • Fri, 7/6/07: Dojo meeting
    Monthly parent meeting. Main topic was carnival planning.

  • Fri, 7/6/07: Beginner promotions
    Congratulations to the following kenshi, who passed the test to wear men: Liao, Alex

  • Sun, 7/15/07: SCKF Kata Seminar
    For 3dan and above. Participants included Yamaguchi sensei, Koh sensei, Henmi sensei, Kodama sensei, Kato Yakumi, Kariya Yoshijiro, Domen Sumi.

  • Fri, 7/20/07: Beginner promotions
    Congratulations to the following kenshi, who passed the test to wear men: Yoon Brian, Yoon Courtney

  • Mon, 7/23/07: Guests from Australia
    The iaido group hosted two visitors from Australia: Ramon Lawrence sensei (6 dan renshi iaido, 4 dan kendo and jodo) and Bosko Erak (iaido 1kyu).

  • Thu 7/26/07 - Sun 7/29/07: AUSKF Iaido Camp, Council Bluffs IA
    Sign up deadline 7/12 (add $35 after 7/1), but the SCIA deadline was 6/9 to allow time to gather signatures and submit them early. Participants from Norwalk Iaido Group include Yamaguchi sensei, Ralutin sensei, Okuno sensei, Lichtman Peter, Ma Phillip, and Chung Woody.

  • Sat 7/28/07 - Sun 7/29/07: SEJSCC Carnival
    Our biggest fund raising activity of the year. All hands are needed for buying, preparing, cooking, serving, and clean up. See link for duties.

    Demonstration Sat 4:30pm.
    Sensei: Henmi, Fukawa, Kodama, Yoshimura Mike, Yoshimura Steve
    Kenshi: Kariya Yoshijiro, Domen Sumi, Chang Jeffrey, Amano Shotaro, Amano Shingo, Choi Andrew, Chung Alex, Kim Patrick, Kim Esther, Liao Alex, Yoon Brian, Yoon Courtney

  • Mon, 7/30/07: Center Clean Up
    After-carnival clean up from 6pm

  • Mon 7/30/07 - Fri 8/10/07: no keiko
    Norwalk Kendo Dojo closed for the usual 2-week period for gym floor refinishing following the carnival.
    • beginners and 0kyu kenshi: practice kihon-dosa and review basics
    • yudansha and kyu kenshi: try to get in some keiko at another dojo, perhaps OCB, Costa Mesa, or Torrance. Be sure to be on time, introduce yourselves to the senseis and senior members, and be on your best behavior!
    • everyone: review reigi

  • Thu 8/2/07 to Thu 8/9/07: Dojo trip to Hawaii
    Dojo trip during the post-carnival practice break. Practice at four dojos on Oahu, visit one dojo on Maui. Sign up deadline was 4/20.

  • Sun, 8/12/07: Nikkei Games, Long Beach Pyramid
    Sign up deadline was 7/6. Participants included Kato Takumi, Domen Sumi, Amano Shotaro, Amano Shingo, Choe Andrew, Kim Rachel, Kim Patrick, Nagasawa Jeffrey. Volunteers include Domen Megumi, Hamamura Junko, Hamamura Yu, Yoshimura Ted, Yoshimura Yumi, Chang Jeffrey.

    Congratulations to Nagasawa Jeffrey who took 2nd place in the 2-person 13 and under team taikai (with Hakamata Kaito from Sho Tokyo).

  • Sun, 8/19/07: Nisei Week, Nishihonganji, Little Tokyo
    Sign up deadline was 7/6. Participants include Kim Matthew, Checkcinco Chris, Henderson Steve, Amano Shingo, Chung Alex, Choe Andrew, Kim Rachel, Kim Patrick, Nagasaw Jeffrey, Kim John, Jang Han, Kim Esther. Team: Amano Shingo, Chung Alex, Choe Andrew, Kim Patrick, Nagasawa Jeffrey.

  • Fridays, 8/24/07 thru 10/19/07: bring your bokuto to keiko
    We will be doing kihon-dosa using bokuto instead of shinai, plus 3kyu and above will practice kendo kata in preparation for the shinsa (promotional examination).

  • Sundays 8/26, 9/16, 10/14: special practices
    From 9:30-11:30am, followed by lunch. For Norwalk Dojo members only, coached by Yoshimura Mike sensei in preparation for Team SCKF Eliminations
    Summary of special Sunday practice dates:
    • NOR-only: 8/26, 9/16, 10/14
    • pre-tryouts: 9/9, 9/23, 10/7
    • Team SCKF: 11/11, 11/18, 12/2, 12/16, 1/6, 1/13, 2/3, 2/24, 3/9, 3/30, 4/13, 4/27, 5/4, 5/18, 6/8, 6/29
    We will also have short special practices on Mondays from 9/17 through 10/22 from 8:30-9:30pm.

  • Fri, 8/31/07: sensei meeting
    The senseis met to discuss SCKF Team Championships and shinkyu shinsa participants.

    Note: if you have not had good attendance (or attitude) this year, do not expect the senseis to put you up for promotion!


  • Sun 9/2/07: All Calif Kendo Tournament, Fresno
    Sign up deadline was 7/6. Participants included Fukawa sensei, Kariya Yoshijiro, Domen Sumi, Henderson Steve. Yamaguchi sensei also attended as shinpan. Congratulations to Domen Sumi for 2nd place in the women's division, and to Kariya Yoshijiro for 3rd place in the 1-3 dan division.

  • Mon, 9/10/07: stretching
    Theory and practice of PNF (proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation) stretching

  • Fri 9/28/07: shiai geiko
    Kachinuki style shiai with hantei in 4 groups (beginners, youth, adult, yudansha)

  • Sun 9/30/07: SCKF Team Championships, Wilson Park

    The senseis held a meeting 8/31 to decide the participant list. Norwalk Dojo placed in all divisions, the only dojo to do so. Youth kyu team 1 2nd place (Kim John, Chung Alex, Amano Shingo); adult kyu team 3rd place (Checkcinco Chris, Lee Kenneth, Ma Phillip); women's team 3rd place (Domen Sumi, Kim Rachel, Kodama Jean); yudansha team 3rd place (Amano Shotaro, Hamamura Yu, Chang Jeffrey, Kariya Yoshijiro, Kato Takumi, Yoshimura Steve, Yoshimura Mike).


  • Mon 10/1/07: no keiko
    No regular keiko, due to Sunday's taikai. However we will have an optional special practice, primarily for those trying out for Team SCKF, but anyone in full bogu may attend.

  • Sat, 10/6/07: SEJSCC bingo night
    Norwalk Kendo Dojo served katsu curry and baked goods. Thank you to everyone who came and helped!

  • Sat, 10/13/07: NYS pancake breakfast
    Norwalk Youth Sports annual fund raiser. Come and support the basketball group, and enjoy a delicious breakfast and craft sale at the same time.

  • Sun, 10/14/07: SCKO Championships
    Deadline was 10/1. Participants include Hamamura Yu, Amano Shotaro, Amano Shingo, Chung Alex, Kim Patrick, Nagasawa Jeffrey, Kim Alex, Kim John, Kim Esther, Henderson Steve, Kim Matthew, Choe Andrew, Choe Brian. Congratulations to Kim Patrick for 3rd place in the boys 14-17, 4 kyu and under division.

  • Mon, 10/15/07: last keiko before shinsa, Courtney's birthday
    We reviewed guidelines for promotion one more time, and trimmed men himo to 40cm.

    Happy birthday Courtney! Many thanks to the Yoon family for providing a fabulous spread of food and cake to celebrate.

  • Fri, 10/19/07: no keiko
    VFW has a basketball tournament Fri-Sun
    We had one last kata practice, first in the judo room and later in the gym when basketball was done.

  • Sun, 10/21/07: SCKF shinkyu shinsa, Wilson Park
    Congratulations to everyone who was awarded a new rank in the shinsa, and thank you to everyone who helped as examiner (Yamaguchi sensei, Koh sensei, Henmi sensei, Yoshimura Steve sensei) and tachiai (Kariya Yoshijiro), as well as to all the parents who came out to support the kenshi.
    Results are now posted.

  • Mon 10/22/07: special shiai geiko (no regular keiko)
    No regular keiko, due to Sunday's shinsa. Instead we had a special shiai geiko for those trying out for Team SCKF and for those who volunteered to help at the elimination tournament. We invited Costa Mesa, Covina/Gedatsu, and OCB Dojos to attend.

  • Fri, 10/26/07: shinsa comments
    We passed out examiner comments for those who participated in the shinsa. Everyone needs to practice hard for the next year in order to progress to the next level. For those who may have received a marginal or failing grade at the shinsa, you will have to work twice as hard. Gambatte!

  • Sun 10/28/07 Team SCKF Eliminations, Wilson Park
    These were the tryouts for Team SCKF, which will compete in the AUSKF Championships to be held over the July 4th weekend next year in Las Vegas. See the SCKF website for a full summary. See the Norwalk special shiai geiko page for some notes on the scoring procedure and other information.

    Participants included Kodama Jean, Kariya Yoshijiro, Domen Sumi, Amano Shingo, Chung Alex, Choe Andrew, Kim Patrick, Choe Brian, Nagasawa Jeffrey, Checkcinco Christopher. Shinpan senseis included Yamaguchi, Koh, Henmi, Kodama, Yoshimura Mike, and Yoshimura Steve. Volunteers included Yoshimura Ted, Choi Sam, Kim Matthew, Yoshimura Yumi, Domen Megumi, Hamamura Junko, Amano Rie, Chang Jeffrey, Hamamura Yu, Amano Shotaro. Sign up deadline was 8/31.

    Congratulations to Kodama Jean and Domen Sumi for making the women's team, and to Chung Alex for making the junior youth team. Also, Kim Patrick and Nagasawa Jeffrey were selected to be in the youth program, where they will have all the responsibilities and benefits of junior youth team membership, including a sponsored trip to Las Vegas to watch the US Championships. Team and youth program membership includes mandatory practices twice a month from Nov - Jun.


  • Fri, 11/2/07: Welcome new kenshi!
    - Lim Mitchell
    - Nagasawa Kristyn
    - Ro Christine
    - Ro Jonathan

  • Sun 11/4/07 Team USA Eliminations, Cabrillo High School, Long Beach
    Sign up deadline was 9/7. These are the first round of tryouts for Team USA to compete in the 14th World Kendo Championships 2009 in Brazil. Only the men's division goes through this first round. Karyiya Yoshijiro will be competing from Norwalk. Shinpan from Norwalk are Yamaguchi sensei and Henmi sensei. We have ordered obento (other than shinpan) for Koh sensei, Kodama Jean, Kariya Yoshijiro, Domen Sumi, and Yoshimura Ted (cost is $10, please reimburse the dojo).

    Volunteers from Norwalk Dojo include Amano Shingo, Chang Jeffrey, Domen Sumi, Kodama Jean, Mrs Domen, Mrs Hamamura, Mr Yoshimura, Mrs Yoshimura. Please be there at 7am.

  • Mon, 11/5/07: Welcome new kenshi!
    - Kim Nathan (Patrick's brother)
    - Yoon Eugene (returning kenshi)

  • Fri, 11/9/07: storage room clean up
    Thank you to everyone who helped on Monday and Friday to clean out the store room, in preparation for the start of official Team SCKF practices at Norwalk Dojo. The work included rearrangement of the cabinets to allow storage of tables and ice chests behind them, and installation of an additional shelf layer in the big shelf unit.

  • Fri-Sun, 11/9-11/07: AUSKF Board meeting
    Yamaguchi sensei was in Seattle attending the AUSKF Board meeting.

  • Sat, 11/10/07 Kenshikan Dojo Tournament, Kaimuki HI
    We received an invitation from Kenshikan Dojo in Honolulu to participate in their tournament. Unfortunately, no one from Norwalk was able to attend. Deadline to sign up was 10/22.

  • Mon, 11/12/07: sensei meeting
    short meeting after keiko

  • Sat 11/17/07 Furukawa Sensei visit, Covina Dojo, 5-9pm
    Part of AUSKF educational tour, includes seminar and keiko.

  • Fri, 11/23/07: no keiko (Thanksgiving Fri)

  • Sun, 11/25/07: special keiko
    For Norwalk Dojo members only! Included some Team SCKF conditioning drills, and special practice conducted by Yoshimura Mike sensei.
    Attendees: Koh sensei, Kodama Jean, Yoshimura Mike, Yoshimura Steve, Chang Jeffrey, Hamamura Yu, Ma Philip, Kim Matthew Nagasawa Jeffrey, Kim Alex, Kim John, Kim Esther, Han Jang. A big thank you to the Kim family (Alex, John, and Esther's mom and dad) for donating the delicious pizza lunch!

  • Fri-Sat, 11/30/07: NCIA/SCIA Iaido Seminar and Shinsa, Berkeley CA
    Norwalk Iaido group attendees included Yamaguchi sensei, Ralutin sensei, Nguyen Emil, Ma Philip, and Chung Woody. Congratulations to Ma Philip for making 1 dan and Chung Woody for making 2 kyu!

  • Sun, 12/2/07: SEJSCC general meeting
    annual year-end meeting. Bento order was due 11/9.

  • Sat, 12/8/07: Norwalk Judo Mochitsuki
    Traditional hand pounded mochi. To show our support of the judo group, we would like to have kenshi (14 and over) volunteer to show up and help pound mochi from 12pm to 1 or 2pm. Everyone is encouraged to come watch, and please place an order (deadline 12/3).

  • Fri, 12/14/07: Norwalk Dojo Christmas Party
    Thanks to everyone who worked so hard both before and the day of the party, and special thank yous to Mrs Domen and the Board for organizing the food and invitations, Nguyen Emil for emceeing, Domen Sumi for planning the games, and the "band with no name" (Chang Jeffrey, Hamamura Yu, Amano Shotaro, Amano Shingo, and Shibata Takuro) for performing. A good time was had by all! See photos by Ralutin Dennis sensei.

    Outstanding kenshi awards went to Nagasawa Jeffrey and Choe Andrew. These two kenshi will represent Norwalk Dojo at the Steveston Taikai next year, co-sponsored by the dojo.

    Attendance awards were given to Domen Sumi, Choe Andrew, Choe Brian, Chi Joyce, Oh Joshua, Chang Jeffrey, Henderson Steve, Lee Kenneth, Yoon Brian. They each received a shinai, with a special one going to Sumi for best attendance. Eguchi USA brought a selection of shinais to the party so people could choose one they liked. If you missed them, you can go to their store to pick one out (they have a list of names), or pick one from the dojo supply (please coordinate with Mr Choi).

  • Fri, 12/21/07: last practice
    Games: breath control (who can go the farthest on one breath), kensen control relay (balancing a quarter), men uchi relay (popping a balloon), and balloon survivor teams (balloon tied to men). Prizes were given out to first place.

    Additional attendance awards (based on percentage, not total number) were given to Huang Michael, Cho Han Min, Cho Michael, Kim John, Kim Esther, Huang Cody, Chung Woody, Wang Chialeh, Wang Alexander, Checkcinco Christopher, Liao Alexander, Kim Patrick, Kim Alex, Yoon Courtney, Kim Matthew. Flashlights and candy were given out to all.

  • Mon-Mon, 12/24-31/07: no practice. Happy holidays!
    3kyu and above, if you would like to practice at another dojo during the break, there are a few open (see SCKF holiday schedule). Please contact the dojo where you wish to practice ahead of time to make sure it's ok for you to go, and also email to let us know. Be sure to be on time and show proper reigi (etiquette).

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