Godo Geiko 2/27/09
Norwalk Dojo was closed January and February while the gym floor was completely replaced. To celebrate the reopening of the dojo, we invited SCKF kenshi to attend godo keiko Fri 2/27/09,

RSVPs and drop-ins:

dojo    #  notes
-----  --  ---------------------------------
 CHUO   1
 CM     2  Olson, Ra
 COV    4  Sakaue, Kato T, Kato M, et al
 IS     1  Murakami
 GED   17  Chinen, Chinen, Matsumoto, et al
 NOR   45  Monday show of hands plus Fri
 OCB    3  Goya, Alvarez, Okura
 SDKB   3  Pruitt et al
 STYO   1
       80  approx
Afterwards we enjoyed delicious zenzai with homemade mochi, sushi, and numerous other dishes. Many thanks to the parents!

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