Shodai Sensei Seminar

Schedule summary (see details):

  • Sat, 11/21/09, Wilson Park
  • Sun, 11/22/09, Norwalk Dojo

RSVP by Thursday to if you plan to attend the Sunday seminar, whether to participate or watch, as we are hosting a lunch for Shodai sensei after the keiko and need a head count for the dojo (see rsvp list below). Arrive by 8am to help set up. We also need help from the parents to prepare the lunch (please coordinate with Mrs Domen and Mr Yoon).

The Sunday seminar is now 9am-12pm.

RSVP list (alphabetical)
updated 11/18

 #   name                
---  ----------------------
 1   Balacanao Darryl
 1   Chang Jeffrey
 2   Domen Megumi, Sumi          
 4   Hahn Rex, Janet, Danielle, Lance
 2   Hamamura Junko, Andy
 1   Henmi Morihei       
 1   Huang Yung Chun    
 1   Kariya Yoshijiro    
 5   Kim Won, Myong, Alex, John, Esther
 1   Kodama Jean         
 1   Nagasawa Gayle
 1   Nguyen Emil         
 3   Yoon Brian, Kay, Courtney
 1   Trost, Jeff
 1   Yamaguchi Takeshi   
 2   Yang Jean
 2   Yoshimura Ted, Yumi

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