SEJSCC Tomodachi Newsletter Sign Up

(partial transcript of notice sent to SEJSCC organizations)

Dear Sensei, President, or Secretary:

People readily use emails, access websites and download information from the computer. Our Center would like to have our readers also have the option to read the SEJSCC Tomodachi newlsetters and flyers via our website.

Currently we mail our newsletters to approximately 2600 addresses. It costs us almost $10,000 a year to print and mail them. We want to drastically reduce that postal mailing list. By accessing our website for our publications, it would be convenient, cost effective and less work for our Nikkei Seniors who prepare them for mailing.

A form will be published in the May Tomodachi for our membership and readers to make a choice - access our website ( or remain on the postal mailing list for the newsletters/flyers and return their decisions by mail.

[We are also providing the enclosed forms] to make it easier for our active members to [return their decisions]. We would get your entire group done in one process.

  • How to read our newsletters? Make a choice:
    1. Access our website (MUST include your email address or
    2. Continue to receive newsletters by postal mail.
  • Complete the enclosed SEJSCC Newsletter Access Request form
  • Attach your club membership list with correct addresses.
By completing this process, your members do not need to respond to the form published in next month's May Tomodachi.

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