Pre-party announcements

Sign up sheets are available. Each family please sign up for at least two dishes. We also need your help for party preparation (by Fri 12/11):

  1. We are putting together a slideshow for 2009, so if you have pictures or short videos from this year's past events please bring them to dojo
  2. If you have an old baby picture of yourself (preferably 2 years or younger), please bring it for use in one of the game for the Christmas Party. (we will return it to you).
  3. If you have a projector for slideshow, can we borrow it on the Christmas Party?
  4. We will be decorating the gym for the party and need some decoration items. If you have any Christmas decorations that you can lend or donate to the dojo, please let us know.
Party day: please arrive by 5:30pm to help with set up. All members are required to attend and have fun!

Christmas Party 2009

Thank you very much to everyone who contributed to and attended the party, a good time was had by all!

Special thanks to

Brief summary of the program:

Many thanks to Ralutin sensei for posting his party photos.

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