Norwalk Dojo 45th Anniversary

On Sunday, November 7, 2010, Norwalk Kendo Dojo hosted a special event to celebrate our 45th anniversary.

The event included "old skool" kachinuki tournaments for 4dan and below, red-white exhibition matches for selected kodansha sensei, and an early dinner party from approximately 3pm to 6pm.

We hope this was a fun and interesting event for everyone!

The tournament consisted of two sets of four divisions (so each shiai participant competed at least twice). The exact divisions and splits were determined by the number and mix of competitors participating in the tournament.

The tournament was set up as follows:

  • kachinuki-sen (winner remains)
  • one encho; if hikiwake both players retire
  • 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place trophies for each division
  • special prize for winning 2 opponents
  • special prize for winning 3 or more opponents

THANK YOU to all all shinpan sensei (kodansha and several 4dan sensei) for serving as referees for our tournament. Unfortunately, we were unable to hold the ko-haku kodansha shiai (red-white matches) originally planned, due to time constraints. However, thank you very much to the following sensei for participating in the mou-han geiko (red-white practice) exhibition: Shikai Masashi, Arima Kazuharu, Yuge Tim, Park Jae Wook, Shoraku Takao, Sakaue Masataka, Kato Tomoji, Chinen Katsushi, Kodama Jean, Shikai Yuriko, Kinno Kohjiro, Yoshimura Steve.

Kachinuki tournament results (place, name, dojo, #wins)

  • Division 1
    • 1st: Nakashimo Daiki (GED) 6
    • 2nd: Quan Davis (TOR) 3
    • 3rd: Satoh Ririka (STYO) 2
    • 4th: Nakashimo Toshiki (GED) 2
    • 5th: Kim Joseph (TOR) 2
  • Division 2
    • 1st: Shibata Aimi (GED) 5
    • 2nd: Makiuchi Teppei (STYO) 4
    • 3rd: Kern Alan (JCI) 2
    • 4th: Yoo Alex (OCB) 2
  • Division 3
    • 1st: Brown Jason (TOR) 8
    • 2nd: Ahn Jason (JCI) 7
    • 3rd: Amano Shotaro (NOR) 3
    • 4th: Lee Jae-Goo (SD) 2
    • 5th: Zavala Alfredo (JCI) 2
    • 5th: Zamora Andrew (SD) 2
  • Division 4
    • 1st: Pruitt David (CM) 5
    • 2nd: Wong Calvin (GED) 3
    • 3rd: Lim Mitchell (NOR) 2
    • 4th: Nishioka Hayward (CHUO) 2
  • Division 5
    • 1st: Satoh Rikia (STYO) 5
    • 2nd: Coleman Kenny (OCB) 4
    • 3rd: Tanaka Rei (GED) 4
    • 4th: Miyoshi Kazuha (VEN) 2
  • Division 6
    • 1st: Kern Alan (JCI) 8
    • 2nd: Komiyama Haruka (TOR) 6
    • 3rd: Chung Alex (NOR) 4
    • 4th: Maekawa Shunsuke (OCB) 3
  • Division 7
    • 1st: Tamura Sachiko (OCB) 5
    • 2nd: Nguyen Emil (NOR) 5
    • 3rd: Lee Changyoun (IRV) 3
    • 4th: Hidalgo Michael (IS) 2
    • 5th: Ra Richard (CM) 2
    • 5th: Gamboa Michael (CM) 2
  • Division 8
    • 1st: Brown Nathan (TOR) 6
    • 2nd: Chang Michael (SD) 5
    • 3rd: Chu Michael (NOR) 5
    • 4th: Lee Jae-Goo (SD) 4
  • special prize for 2 wins
    • Ra Richard (CM)
    • Shiono Shotaro (CM)
    • Owaki George (COV)
    • Wong Christine (IS)
    • Kato Takumi (NOR)
    • Kim Christie (NOR)
    • Trost Jeffrey (NOR)
    • Yoon Brian (NOR)
    • Inada Charles (PCI)
    • Han James (TOR)
    • Nogimura Yoshiki (TOR)
    • Yoshida-Offutt Eugene (STYO)

Thank you to the following photographers for sharing their wonderful photos of the event.

  • Dennis Ralutin (NOR iaido, OCB kendo): flickr, facebook
    (or click shuji banner above)
  • Horii Noriko (TOR) picasa (or click trophy image above)
  • Kodama David (NOR) smugmug
If you know of other collections please let us know.

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