Summary for 2010

  • Fri, 1/8/10: Norwalk Dojo first practice of 2010
    We caught up on some remaining awards from 2009, then took group photos, one of sensei and kenshi (8MB) and one including parents and guests (below, 7MB).

    Thank you to Ralutin sensei for taking the photos! See the full set on flickr.

    - current policies:
      - attendance at beginning of practice
      - new members accepted on 1st Fri of odd months
      - beginner testing for keiko, keikogi/hakama, bogu, men
      - toban will be by the month, see assignment list for details
      - shinsa hopefuls: keiko, kata (3 kyu above), tests
      - special practices one Sunday per month
      - monthly dojo tournament
    - new policies:
      - kata practice 2nd Monday and Friday the following week
    - 45th anniversary celebration 11/7/10 (tentative)

    A big thank you to the moms for preparing fresh mochi with zenzai (sweet bean soup) and nori(seaweed) with shoyu (soy sauce). shoyu-sato). It was wonderful, as usual!

  • Krissy Kobata Needs A Marrow Match
    If one of your goals for 2010 is to do something selfless, here is your chance to get it checked off early. Krissy Kobata, a SEJSCC family member, needs a bone marrow donor. See the scanned flyer front and back for more information.

  • Mon, 1/11/10: Norwalk keiko
    Welcome new kenshi: Makino Kentaro, Lee Ming, Lee Fang

  • Sun, 1/17/10: SCKF New Year's party, Cerritos
    11:00am - 3:00pm, Prince Seafood Restaurant, Cerritos
    cost: $25 plus a raffle prize per person

  • Fri, 1/29/10: January dojo tournament
    Congratulations to winners Broshears Nicholas (0-4 kyu), Kim Alex (4-1 kyu), Yoon Brian (adult kyu), Kariya Yoshijiro (yudansha)

  • Sat, 1/30/10: Gedatsu Dojo 5th Sat Keiko, 7-8:30pm
    Kodansha open keiko, cost: $10 per person

  • AUSKF Newsletter Dec'09 issue is now available online

  • Sun, 2/28/10: SCKF youth special practice, 8am-12pm
    Attendees included Broshears Nicholas, Hahn Danielle, Yoon Courtney, Kim Esther, Kim John, Nagasawa Jeffrey, Kim Alex

  • Sat-Sun, 2/20-21/10: San Diego trip
    Dojo trip to keiko with San Diego Dojo Sat afternoon and go indoor climbing Sunday morning, see details

  • Fri, 2/19/10: Norwalk Dojo kata practice, 9:15-10:15pm

  • Sun, 2/14/10: Norwalk Dojo special practice, 8-10am
    note date change (originally was 2/7)

  • Sun, 2/7/10: Special yudansha practice, 9-11am
    Keiko with Junior Nationals committee (14WKC Team USA). Attendees included Kodama Jean and Kariya Yoshijiro.

  • Fri, 2/12/10: Friday keiko
    We tried a couple of different flavors of kachinuki shiai. This time we had two courts, one for 20 and under, one for 21 and over, both courts 2dan and below. We did two different runs, one for 3min with hantei, and the other for 2min without hantei (ie both players out if hikiwake). Winners, and determined by number of wins, were:
            1st shiai       2nd shiai
    junior  Yang Jeanwon    Yoon Courtney
    senior  Chu Michael     Yoon Brian 

    Thank you to Viellemaringe sensei from Costa Mesa for joining us for ato-geiko.


  • Sun, 3/7/10: Norwalk Dojo special practice, 8-10am

  • Mon, 3/8/10: Norwalk Dojo kata practice, 8:45-9:45pm

  • Fri, 3/12/10: SEJSCC Nerio Scholarship application
    High school seniors please fill out an application for the Koichi/Toyo Nerio Scholarship. Requirements include Center membership for 3 years, transcripts and SAT scores, and attending the awards banquet on 4/17/10. Please have your form signed by a Norwalk Kendo Dojo official by 3/12 so you can put in the mail for delivery by the 3/19 deadline.

  • Sat, 3/13/10: SCKF and AUSKF federation dues
    Please pay your federation dues asap. Total is $39 for 17 and under, $66 for 18 and over. Age is as of 1/1/10.

  • Sun, 3/14/10: Norwalk Dojo special practice, 9:30-11am
    Extra practice, replacing yudansha practice. Attendees: Kodama Jean, Takanashi Takeo, Kariya Yoshijiro, Nguyen Emil, Kim Alex, Kim Esther, Kim Won, Yang Jeanwon, Trost Jeff, Balacanao Darryl

  • Mon, 3/15/10: Norwalk Dojo practice
    We reviewed chakuso: how to wear gi and bogu properly. Nguyen Emil demonstrated how to put on keikogi, hakama, tare, and do, and we broke up into groups (males and females) to go over putting on hakama and keikogi in more detail.

    See this shoelace site if you have problems tying your himo with a crooked bow or if you want to learn how to tie the quick knot.

  • Fri, 3/19/10: Norwalk Dojo kata practice, 9:15-10:15pm

  • Sat-Tue, 3/20-23/10: AJKF Youth Champions Visit
    7 winners of AJKF Junior High School Championships will visit SCKF in March. Keiko at WLA Dojo Sat 6:30pm, goodwill exhibition, keiko, and party at Venice Dojo Sun 1pm, keiko at Norwalk Dojo Mon 7pm. Ota sensei, 8 dan hanshi, is the group leader. See link for group roster.

    Thank you to all dojo members, especially the senseis and parents, for hosting the keiko, gifts for the guests, and the welcome party afterwards.

  • Sat-Sun, 3/27-28/10: FIK shinpan seminar, Vancouver
    Kodama Jean attended; see notes.

  • Sun, 3/28/10: SCKF youth special practice, Norwalk 9am
    Attendees included Broshears Nicholas, Hahn Danielle, Yoon Courtney, Kim Esther, Kim John, Nagasawa Jeffrey, Kim Alex, Chung Alex

  • Fri, 4/2/10: 45th Anniversary Planning Meeting, 7:45pm
    Mandatory meeting for all parents and adult kenshi to discuss plans for our 45th Anniversary Kendo Tournament in November, as well as supporting events. Topics will include fundraisers, food preparations, and tournament booklet; see agenda. Your attendance at this meeting will determine whether we will be able to host the event!

  • Mon, 4/5/10: Norwalk Dojo practice
    We reviewed the basic parts of the shinai (see the equipment page for a diagram).

  • Sun, 4/11/10: Norwalk Dojo special practice, 8-10am
    Thanks so much to the Kim family for the delicious Korean barbecue party, and congratulations to Kim Alex for being accepted to the U.S. Air Force Academy, as well as winning a Nerio Scholarship!

  • Mon, 4/12/10: Norwalk Dojo kata practice, 8:45-9:45pm

  • Mon, 4/12/10: Norwalk Dojo practice
    We reviewed the criteria for being awarded 6kyu, 5kyu, and 4kyu. Then Nguyen Emil and Toh Shauna demonstrated the basic skills involved in the 4kyu kihon test (see videos).

  • Sat, 4/17/10: SEJSCC Recognition Dinner, 5:30pm
    This year's Center recognition dinner will feature gourmet Chinese food. One of the honorees will be our own graduating high school senior Kim Alex. Not only did he get accepted to the US Air Force Academy, he is also one of two recipients of the 2010 Nerio Scholarships. Congratulations!

    Note: kendo also has kitchen duty from 3-5pm; thank you in advance for helping out.

    Alphabetical list of attendees: Domen Megumi, Fukawa Koji, Hahn Janet, Hamamura Junko, Henmi Morihei, Huang Yung Chun, Kodama Jean, Kim Won, Kim Myong, Kim Alex, Kim John, Kim Esther, Tanaka Fukuyo, Yoon Brian, Yoon Kay, Yoshimura Ted, Yoshimura Yumi

  • Mon, 4/19/10: no regular practice
    Instead we'll have a short optional practice, primarily to tune up kendo and kata for those participating in the SCKF spring shinsa. However, anyone in full bogu may attend.

  • Sun, 4/18/10: North-South Tournament, Wilson Park
    Participants included Kim Esther, Yoon Courtney, Hahn Danielle, Matsuda Kane (11-13), Kim Patrick (14-15), Kim John, Kim Alex, Huang Michael, Ma Phillip, Yoon Brian (16 and over), Yang Jeanwon, Chi Joyce (women's kyu), Yook Kenn, Chung Alex, Chu Michael (1-2 dan), Nguyen Emil, Hahn Rex, Kato Takumi, Kariya Yoshijiro (3-4 dan), Kodama Jean (women's dan). Shinpan include dYamaguchi sensei, Henmi sensei, Huang sensei, Kodama sensei, and Yoshimura Steve sensei. Iaido demonstration was performed by Ralutin sensei, Ma Philip, Toh Shauna, and some members from NCIA.

    Congratulations to the following trophy and medal winners: 11-13: Kim Esther 1st place; Women's Kyu: Yang Jean 1st place, Chi Joyce 3rd place; 3-4 Dan: Nguyen Emil 2nd place, SCKF kyu team: Kim Esther.

    Also, Kim Esther was selected to be interviewed on Channel 18 news. The segment will air Sat 8pm on channel 18.2 and Sun 8pm on channel 18, and will be on their website next Monday.

  • Fri, 4/23/10: Norwalk Dojo kata practice, 9:15-10:15pm

  • Sat, 4/24/10: SCKF Shinkyu Shinsa, Pasadena
    The main SCKF shinsa is in the fall. However a few Norwalk kenshi were selected by the senseis to participate in this spring shinsa: Hahn Danielle (5kyu), Yang Jeanwon (4kyu), Huang Michael (2kyu), Kim John (1kyu), Kim Alex (1dan), Yoon Brian (1dan). The primary criteria were outstanding attendance and readiness for the next level; secondary criteria included age and extenuating circumstances.

    Congratulations to all shinsa participants. Not only did everyone pass, everyone received perfect scores! Comments will be available shortly.

  • Sun, 4/25/10: Center clean up, 9am-12pm
    Thank you to all volunteers who came to support the Center on behalf of the dojo: Brian Yoon, Megumi Domen, Tak Domen, Ted Yoshimura, Jean Yang, Ken Yook, Kunseo Yook, Esther Kim, Myong Kim, Inho Cho, Junko Hamamura, Gayle Nagasawa, Darryl Balacanao, Takeshi Nakagawa, Kane Matsuda, Wang family.

  • Sun, 5/2/10: SCKF youth special practice, Norwalk 9am

  • Fri, 5/7/10: Norwalk keiko
    We are started the program of kenshi evaluations; the first participants were Matsuda Kane, Wang Alexander, Hahn Danielle (the other 5 scheduled kenshi were absent)

  • Sat, 5/8/10: Steveston Tournament, Canada
    As announced at last year's Christmas party, the two outstanding kenshi representing Norwalk Dojo this year are Kim Esther and Yoon Courtney. Other participants include Kariya Yoshijiro, Yoon Brian, Kim Alex, and Kim John, and rounding out the Norwalk delegation are Kim Kay, Kim Won, and Kim Myong. See trip details.

    Congratulations to Yoon Brian (3rd place, adult 1-3 kyu), Kim Alex (1st place and perpetual trophy, adult 1-3 kyu), and to Kariya Yoshijiro and Kim Alex, members of the SCKF B team which took 2nd place (1st was SCKF A team!).

  • Mon, 5/10/10: Norwalk Dojo kata practice, 8:45-9:45pm

  • Sun, 5/16/10: Norwalk Dojo special practice, 8-10am

  • Fri, 5/21/10: Norwalk Dojo kata practice, 9:15-10:15pm

  • Sun, 5/23/10: SCKF Shinpan Seminar, Covina Dojo
    Note: date change from 5/16, due to locating a venue. Participant list: Yamaguchi sensei, Henmi sensei, Kodama sensei, Kato Takumi, Kariya Yoshijiro, Hahn Rex, Domen Sumi, Cho Inho, Nguyen Emil. See the seminar page for details, including what to bring, and be sure to review shiai information, especially shinpan, match pronouncements, yuko datotsu, and prohibited acts.

  • Mon, 5/24/10: shiai geiko
    We did shiai geiko in 3 groups: youth, junior adult, and senior adult/yudansha. At the end we did team shiai with the kenshi participating in the SCKO team taikai.

  • Fri, 5/28/10: May dojo tournament
    Congratulations to winners Matsuda Kane (0-5 kyu), Kim John (4-1 kyu), Yang Jean (adult kyu), Nguyen Emil (yudansha)

  • Sun, 5/30/10: SCKO Team Taikai, Cerritos Regional Park
    The following 3-person teams have been entered: 13 and under: Hahn Danielle, Yoon Courtney, Matsuda Kane; 14-17: Kim Patrick, Nagasawa Jeffrey, Kim John; adult: Yang Jeanwon, Toh Shauna, Huang Michael; dan A: Chang Jeffrey, Yoon Brian, Chung Alex; dan B: Domen Sumi, Takanashi Takeo, Nguyen Emil; dan C: Kim Alex, Hamamura Yu, Kariya Yoshijiro. Shinpan are Kariya Yoshijiro and Nguyen Emil.

  • Mon, 5/31/10: no practice
    Have a nice Memorial Day!

  • Sat, 6/5/10: SEJSCC Bingo
    Kendo has toban.

  • Sun, 6/6/10: SCKF youth special practice, Norwalk 9am

  • Wed-Sun, 6/9-13/10: AUSKF Iaido Camp, Tacoma
    Norwalk Dojo participants included Yamaguchi sensei, Okuno sensei, Ralutin sensei, and Toh Shauna.

  • Sun, 6/13/10: SCKO youth special practice
    Hosted by SCKO at Cerritos Regional Park, 8-11:45am

  • Mon, 6/14/10: Norwalk Dojo kata practice, 8:45-9:45pm

  • Sun, 6/20/10: Norwalk Dojo special practice, 8-10am
    Note: moved from 6/13 due to SCKO junior nationals practice

  • Fri, 6/25/10: Norwalk Dojo practice
    Thank you to Shoraku sensei from Costa Mesa Dojo for practicing with us.

  • Sun, 6/27/10: SCKF Individual Championships
    Norwalk Dojo participants include Matsuda Kane (0-6 kyu); Kim Esther, Yoon Courtney, Hahn Danielle (5-4 kyu); Kim John, Makino Kentaro, Yang Jeanwon, Azama Eric, Huang Michael, Toh Shauna, Balacanao Darryl (adult kyu 16 over); Yang Jeanwon, Toh Shauna, Chi Joyce (women's kyu); Chu Michael, Takanashi Robert, Hahn Rex, Yoon Brian, Nguyen Emil, Chung Alex, Kariya Yoshijiro (yudansha); Henmi sensei, Yamaguchi sensei, Koh sensei (shinpan)

    Congratulations to trophy winners 5-4 kyu: Kim Esther kantosho, Hahn Danielle kantosho; women's kyu: Yang Jeanwon 1st place; adult kyu: Kim John 2nd place.

  • Mon, 6/28/10: June dojo tournament
    Congratulations to winners Matsuda Kane (0-5 kyu), Kim Esther (4-1 kyu), Yang Jean (adult kyu), Kariya Yoshijiro (yudansha)

  • Mon, 6/28/10: Norwalk Dojo kata practice, 8:45-9:45pm
    We held kata practice today, postponed from last Friday. 3 dan and above need to prepare for the kata seminar next month!

  • Fri-Sun, 7/2-4/10: AUSKF summer camp, Tacoma
    Attendees include Kariya Yoshijiro.

  • Sun, 7/25/10: AUSKF Junior Nationals, San Jose
    First ever Junior Nationals open tournament. Participants include Yoon Courtney (10-11); Kim Patrick, Kim John, Nagasawa Jeffrey, Chung Alex (16-18); Kim Esther, Hahn Danielle (girls 13 and under). Norwalk Dojo will host optional special training on 1/24, 2/28, 3/28, 5/2, 6/6. SCKO will host a joint keiko 6/13 at Cerritos Regional Park.

    Congratulations to Kim Esther, the first Junior Nationals Girls 13 and Under Champion!

    Congratulations also to

    • Chung Alex, 16-18 division 2nd place
    • Yoon Courtney, 10-11 division best eight
    • Hahn Danielle, girls 13 and under best eight

    Also, Kim Esther was sempo on the SCKF A girls team and Yoon Courtney was taisho on the SCKF B girls team; both took 3rd place. See for full results and a huge group photo.

  • Sat-Sun, 7/24-25/10: SEJSCC Carnival
    It's carnival time!
    • see work shift schedule (these were sent out earlier in email). Gray indicates shift selected by volunteer, "assigned" indicates assigned by officers.
    • officers in charge at the carnival are Domen Megumi, Hamamura Junko, Tanaku Fukuyo, Yoshimura Yumi, and Yoshimura Ted.
    • if you cannot work the indicated slot, please find a replacement, and inform the officers of the details
    • be sure to park on the street, not on the Center grounds. Inside parking is reserved for the handicapped and elderly.
    • if you sign out an apron, please return it by 8/9 (otherwise an $8.50 charge will apply)
    • demonstration volunteers: we will meet at 3:15pm to change and go over demonstration details one more time

    Thank you for your support!

  • Fri, 7/23/10 through Fri, 8/6/10: no practice
    SEJSCC is closing the gym to activities the Friday before the carnival in order to start setting up. Then the gym will be closed for two weeks for floor refinishing.

  • Fri, 7/23/10: carnival prep and demo run through
    There will be no keiko due to the Center setting up the gym for the carnival. All members and parents please come to the dojo at 7pm to help with carnival set up and food preparation. See supply list for procurement assignments.

    We will also do a quick run through of the demonstration (without bogu). The demo will be performed Saturday at 4pm. Selected kenshi will be be emailed prior to Friday.

    Also, bring $45 to pick up your dojo jacket!

  • Mon, 7/5/10: no practice
    Have a safe and sane Independence Day weekend!

  • Sun, 7/18/10: SCKF Kata Seminar

  • Mon, 7/12-19/09: ondo practice- restricted parking
    Please do not park on or near the ondo circle (near the entrance gate) on Mondays from 7/5 through 7/19. And, if you'd like to learn ondo (Japanese folk dancing), they are having practices on Mondays and Thursdays from 7:30-9pm from 7/5 through 7/24, in preparation for the carnival.

  • Mon, 7/26/10: carnival clean up
    Thank you to everyone who came to the Center to help with clean up!

  • Sat, 8/14/10: Norwalk Dojo Gasshuku, 8am - 8pm
    One day kendo camp for all dojo members, from beginners through yudansha, whether in bogu or not. Please RSVP by 8/11 to Lunch and dinner will be provided, so we need a head count. All parents are welcome and there will be some sessions for parents as well. Be sure to arrive no later than 7:30am so we can start prompty at 8am. See link for more information, including a powerpoint pdf.

  • Sun, 8/15/10: Nikkei Games, CSULB
    Norwalk participants include 1 dan: Yoon Brian; 2 dan: Chu Michael; 3 dan: Nguyen Emil and Hahn Rex; 0-4 kyu team: Hahn Danielle, Yoon Courtney, Kim Esther; 3-1 kyu team: Kim Patrick, Nagasawa Jeffrey, Kim John; kachinuki team A: Yang Jeanwon, Yoon Brian, Nguyen Emil; kachinuki team B: Huang Michael, Hahn Rex, Chu Michael; shinpan: Yamaguchi sensei and Henmi sensei.

    Congratulations to the following teams, which each won first place!
    0-4 kyu team: Hahn Danielle, Yoon Courtney, Kim Esther
    kachinuki team A: Yang Jeanwon, Yoon Brian, Nguyen Emil

  • Fri, 8/20/10: Norwalk Dojo kata practice, 9:15-10:15pm

  • Sun, 8/22/10: Nisei Week Tournament, Nishihonganji
    Norwalk participants include 11-13 kyu: Kim Christie, Hahn Danielle, Yoon Courtney, Kim Esther; 14-15 kyu: Joe Kyung; women's kyu: Yoon Kay, Toh Shauna; adult 0-4 kyu: Balacano Darryl, Trost Jeffrey, Yang Jeanwon, Toh Shauna, Azama Eric; adult 3-1 kyu: Joe Soo Yong, Kim Patrick, Huang Michael, Kim John, Nagasawa Jeffrey; team: Yoon Courtney, Hahn Danielle, Kim Esther, Kim Patrick, Kim John; shinpan: Yamaguchi sensei and Henmi sensei.

    Congratulations to Kim Esther (2nd place, 11-13 years) and Nagasawa Jeffrey (2nd place, adult 3-1 kyu). And great job by our team, which very, very narrowly lost to first place Torrance Dojo!

  • Fri, 8/27/10: Aug dojo tournament
    Congratulations to winners Matsuda Kane (0-5 kyu), Kim Esther (4-1 kyu), Huang Michael (adult kyu), Kariya Yoshijiro (yudansha)

    Also, thank you to Brown Nathan sensei from Torrance Dojo and Viellemaringe Pierre sensei from Costa Mesa Dojo for practicing with us.

  • Sun, 8/29/10: Norwalk Dojo special practice, 8-10am

  • Sun, 9/5/10: All California Open Tournament, Fresno
    Norwalk participants included 13 and under: Yoon Courtney; 1-3 dan: Yoon Brian, Kariya Yoshijiro; shinpan: Yamaguchi sensei.

    Congratulations to Yoon Courtney and Kariya Yoshijiro, who were selected to be members of the 11-person SCKF team, which took first place!

  • Mon, 9/6/10: Labor Day optional geiko, 8-9pm
    No regular practice. Instead there will be optional keiko for Norwalk team members and those planning to attend Team SCKF practices.

  • The taking of kenshi photographs for the 45th anniversary booklet will end Fri 9/10. If you haven't already, be sure to arrive early to keiko to get your photo taken. Wear a nice keikogi, and make sure your bogu is neat!

  • Sun, 9/12/10: Team SCKF pre-elim keiko, 8am-12pm
    If you are interested in trying out for Team SCKF, be sure to attend the four pre-elimination practices to prepare for the 10/31 eliminations, where 60% of the team will be chosen by tournament and 40% by coach/manager pick. The practices will be at Norwalk Dojo on 9/12, 9/19, 10/3, and 10/24 from 8am-12pm (arrive at 7am!). We won't have Norwalk Dojo special practice in September; instead please attend one of these keiko (but be prepared for a hard practice!).

  • Mon, 9/13/10: Norwalk Dojo kata practice, 8:45-9:45pm
    We had kata evaluations, with feedback from the senseis.

  • Sun, 9/19/10: Team SCKF pre-elim keiko, 8am-12pm

  • Fri, 9/24/10: Norwalk Dojo kata practice, 9:15-10:15pm

  • Sun, 9/26/10: SCKF Team Championships
    Norwalk teams: youth A: Yoon Courtney, Kim Esther, Kim John coach Chang Jeffrey; youth B: Hahn Danielle, Joe Kyung, Kim Patric coach Kariya Yoshijiro; adult: Azama Eric, Huang Michael, Nagasawa Jeffrey coach Nguyen Emil; yudansha: Amano Shotaro, Yoon Brian, Chang Jeffrey, Nguyen Emil, Kariya Yoshijiro; Chu Michael, Chung Alex coach Yoshimura Steve

    Congratulations to the yudansha team. They won 3rd place. and also came very, very close to defeating first place Torrance Dojo in the semi-finals!

  • Mon, 9/27/10: Norwalk keiko (we will have keiko!)
    No one showed up for make up kata exams during ato-geiko.

  • Mon, 10/1/10: Sep dojo tournament
    Congratulations to winners Hahn Danielle (0-5 kyu), Kim Esther (4-1 kyu), Choe Andrew (adult kyu), Kariya Yoshijiro (yudansha)

  • Sun, 10/3/10: Team SCKF pre-elim keiko, 8am-12pm

  • Sun, 10/3/10: SCKO Individ Championships, Cerritos RP
    Yook Kenn participated. See application form.

  • Mon, 10/4/10: monthly tournament
    Congratulations to winners Hahn Danielle (0-5 kyu), Kim Esther (4-1 kyu), Choe Andrew (adult kyu), and Kariya Yoshijiro (yudansha).

  • Fri, 10/8/10: no practice
    The Center needs to set up the facilities for this Saturday's pancake breakfast and fall boutique, so we cannot use the gym. Instead we will have a meeting to continue planning the 45th anniversary. All committee members please be sure to attend. The meeting will be held in the karaoke room. Committee head chairs: bring a laptop or thumb drive if you wish to present something using the lcd projector.

  • Sun, 10/10/10: Norwalk Dojo special practice, 8-10am
    Many thanks to the moms for preparing the delicious onigiri and spicy chicken wings!

    Immediately following keiko, we had 45th anniversary planning committee meetings. Thanks to everyone who attended.

  • Sun, 10/17/10: SCKF Shinkyu Shinsa
    SCKF promotional examination. See shinsa notes, including results. Congratulations to everyone who passed the shinsa!

  • Mon, 10/18/10: 45th anniversary meetings, 8-9:30pm
    No practice tonight. Instead we will have committee meetings from 8pm. Iaido can practice at their normal time (ring the doorbell if the door is locked).

  • Norwalk Kendo Dojo 45th anniversary planning
    We are in the final stages of planning our 45th anniversary tournament, to be held Sunday, Nov 7, 2010, at the Center.

    Every practice from 10/22 through 11/5 will be devoted to dry runs, training, and planning for our 45th anniversary tournament. All kenshi are needed so we can run shiai on multiple courts, and all volunteers are needed to do court duty on multiple courts.

    We need help from all members and families, past and present! If you have not already signed up, you will be contacted to help out. Committee chairs are Yoon Brian (executive chairman), Yoshimura Ted (tournament and trophies), Domen Megumi (food and gifts), Kariya Yoshijiro (event planning and booklet), Hahn Rex (sign up committee).

  • Sun, 10/24/10: Team SCKF pre-elim keiko, 8am-12pm

  • Sun, 10/31/10: Team SCKF eliminations, Garden Grove
    Place: Bolsa Grande High School, 9401 Westminster Ave, Garden Grove CA 92844. Norwalk participants include Yoon Courtney, Kim Esther, Kim John, Chung Alex, Yoon Brian, Kariya Yoshijiro, Kodama Jean.

    Congratulations to Kim Esther for winning a spot on the junior girls team, Yoon Courtney for being selected to the junior girls team, and Kim John for being selected to the youth program. They will now start team training for their trip to Atlanta next August!


  • Sun, 11/7/10: Norwalk 45th Anniversary
    The big day! THANK YOU and tsukaresama to everyone who helped make the tournament a success! Results and pictures have been posted. Norwalk kenshi results: Div3 3rd: Amano Shotaro, Div4 3rd: Lim Mitchell, Div6 3rd: Chung Alex, Div7 2nd: Nguyen Emil, Div8 3rd: Chu Michael; 2 wins: Kim Christie, Trost Jeffrey, Kato Takumi, Yoon Brian.

  • Mon, 11/8/10: no practice
    We will be taking a well-deserved break!

  • Fri, 11/12/10: 45th anniversary thank you
    We will have a short keiko and then take a few moments to thank everyone who helped. We'll give out some gifts to the volunteers as well as to all dojo members. Everyone be sure to attend, and let family and friends who helped know to come too. There will also be cake, which you can enjoy after (or instead of) ato geiko.

  • Sun, 11/14/10: no Sunday practice
    The Team SCKF practice originally scheduled at Venice Dojo has been cancelled. The Norwalk Dojo special practice has been moved to 11/28. Enjoy your free Sunday!

  • Fri, 11/19/10: Oct dojo tournament
    Congratulations to winners Kim Christie (0-5 kyu), Kim Esther (4-1 kyu), Lim Steve (adult kyu), Kariya Yoshijiro (yudansha)

  • Sun, 11/21/10: Team SCKF keiko, 8am-12pm
    First official Team SCKF keiko.

  • Fri, 11/26/10: Godo geiko, 7:30-9pm
    No regular practice. Instead we will have godo geiko for people in full bogu. Come work off those Thanksgiving calories! Left-over desserts are welcome :-).

  • Sun, 11/28/10: Norwalk Dojo special practice, 8-10am
    Thanks to the moms for preparing the delicious tonjiru!

  • Mon, 11/29/10: Nov dojo tournament
    Congratulations to winners Kim Christie (0-5 kyu), Kim Esther (4-1 kyu), Lim Mitchell (adult kyu), Nakagawa Takeshi (yudansha)

  • Sun, 12/5/10: Team SCKF keiko, 8am-12pm

  • Sun, 12/5/10: SEJSCC general meeting, 12-2pm
    Thank you to those who attended on behalf of the dojo: Mr Yoshimura, Mrs Domen, Mrs Tanaka, Yoon Brian, Kodama Jean

  • Fri, 12/10/10: Dec dojo tournament
    Congratulations to winners Kim Christie (0-5 kyu), Yoon Courtney (4-1 kyu), Trost Jeffrey (adult kyu), Kariya Yoshijiro (yudansha)

  • Sun, 12/12/10: Norwalk Dojo special practice, 8-10am

  • Mon, 12/13/10: Norwalk Dojo kata practice, 8:45-9:45pm

  • Fri, 12/17/10: Norwalk Dojo Christmas party, 5-11pm
    Thank you to everyone who helped put on the party, especially all the dojo officers and parents. It was a wonderful feast, as always!

    In addition to handing out menjo for new ranks received at the October shinsa, the following awards were given out:

    • outstanding attendance:
      Kim Christie
      Trost Jeffrey
      Yook Kenn
      Kim Esther
    • best attendance
      Yoon Courtney
      Yoon Brian
    • Norwalk monthly tournament top winners:
      0-5 kyu: Matsuda Kane and Kim Christie
      4-1 kyu: Kim Esther
      adult kyu: Yang Jean Won
      yudansha: Kariya Yoshijiro
    • 2010 outstanding kenshi (representing Norwalk Dojo at Steveston Taikai in Feb'11):
      Kariya Yoshijiro
      Yoon Brian

    And we gave out gifts of appreciation to the senseis, assistant instructors, and officers, with special recognition to Mrs Domen, Mr Yoshimura, Mrs Tanaka, and Mrs Hamamura. Thank you to everyone for all your contributions to the dojo!

    Afterwards we enjoyed an encore presentation by Domen Sumi of the Norwalk Dojo retrospective video shown at the 45th Anniversary Tournament, followed by drawings for door prizes. The finale was an exciting jan-ken-pon tournament; congratulations to winner Chung Claria!

    Thank you to everyone who came out to help celebrate. It was a truly festive occasion!

  • Sun, 12/19/10: Team SCKF keiko, 8am-12pm

  • Mon, 12/20/10: last 2010 keiko
    Congratulations to Choi Daniel, winner of the jan-ken-pon-balloon-pop tournament!

  • Fri 12/24/10 - Mon 1/3/11: no regular keiko
    Enjoy the holiday break! For other practices see the SCKF holiday schedule.
2010 Tournaments

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